Thursday, December 10, 2015


Back in the good old days of recruiting duty, I tried to recruit this young man from Laguna Beach, CA.
If you remember the MTV slightly scripted reality show, Laguna Beach, you would know this area of Orange County is one of the more affluent areas (more affluent amongst an affluent county that is).
It's a difficult area to recruit from.
What 17-18 year old kid wants to join the Marine Corps when their parents offer them a brand new BMW to NOT join the Marine Corps?
Anyway, this young man I tried to recruit starting dating this young girl named Ashley from another high school in our recruiting district.
Whenever he'd come to visit us at the office, she'd accompany him.
I knew I liked her when she complimented by Vince Camuto patent leather heels I wore with my dress blue delta uniform.

**The issued uniform "pumps" are hideous, so I chose a more stylish black heel to wear with my uniform**

The young man never joined, and him and Ashley broke up.
Ashley, however, kept in touch with me over the years mostly via social media.
I watched her go from a little "high school" kid to a young woman all on Facebook.
I had been asking her for a while now to come visit us and my kids.
She works as a nanny, and is great with kids.
I always used to half-joke about her coming to nanny my kids for me here in Texas.
Well she finally took the plunge and came out to visit us this past weekend!
It was a short visit, but we packed it full of adventure and lots of Aggieland!

I wanted Ash to feel at home when she got to our house, so I arranged a toiletries basket for her!
I know as someone who travels a lot, I oftentimes forget the essentials like shampoo and toothbrushes!
I also came up with a clever hashtag to use for her trip here as we documented it on Instagram.
OC Ash in CSTX!

She slept in Dannika's room, and Dannika slept on the trundle bed.

The first night she came, we had some wine and watched reality tv on Bravo.
I was pretty excited to see her!

Of course, Mattis loves the pretty girls.
He was attached to her hip.

We took lunch to Dannika on Friday at her school.
I know she felt really special to have her guest from California have lunch with her!
I took her the College Station's famous Freebird's, but she didn't get a world famous burrito like she should have :-\ She ended up with a tomato filled burrito bowl. 

Then we took her on campus to show her around Texas A&M!
I FINALLY got to see Johnny Manziel's heisman!

I took Ashley on TAMU's sacred grounds...Kyle Field...Home of the Fightin' Texas Aggie football team!

We hit up the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Mattis for Prez 2016....
Frankly, I think he may be a better President than any of the candidates we have running now.

Same kicks.

We took her to a new local taco join, Mad Taco, and had tacos (of course) and their famously delicious beet Margarita (tastes way better than it sounds)!

She got her first pair of Cowgirl boots....

Took her to Rudy's to have some fine Texas style BBQ...

We took her to the famous Dixie Chicken....

Bottle cap alley...

On her last night, we went to have drinks at the Saltgrass steakhouse.

Although it was a short visit, I think our little Aggieland can be packed into two days to experience it.
I told her she has to come during football season and tailgate with us to fully experience CSTX.
I know she had a great time, and we really enjoyed having her!

Until next time, Ash!


  1. What an awesome friendship! So fun that you have kept in touch all these years later.

  2. Sounds and looks like a total blast.


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