Monday, December 7, 2015

Thanksgiving Again with the Kims

I've been a horrible, horrible blogger.
Sorry y'all!
Classes have been kicking my butt, and if you have ever taken macro econ, you understand my level of pain this semester.
Seriously...I don't get why ANYONE would want to major in econ?!
I am done with finals, turned in my last research paper, and finally have a chance to breathe.
I figured I'd catch up on my blog, and update y'all on life.
If you follow me on Instagram (@domesticatedcombatboots), I pretty much overshare my life on there, so you don't need too much of an update on my crazy life. 

I figured I'd update y'all on my Thanksgiving!
I say it all the time, but Nick and I are so GRATEFUL to be stationed here in my hometown because of things like the holidays. 
Being a short drive away from my parent's house and extended family has been a blessing.
When we were stationed in California and Massachusetts, we rarely came home for the holidays. Flights were ridiculously expensive, and holiday travel is hectic and stressful with kids.

It's so nice to be able to wake up, go to the gym, shower, pack a few outfits, and drive on over to mom and dad's house for a few days.
We can leave whenever we want, and we get to see all our family!

We kicked off Thanksgiving week with Dannika's school's annual "Grandparent's Day".
My dad was working, but my mom got to come up and spend the day with Dannika at her school.

Dannika's Principal and my mama! My little sister and her daughter were best friends in high school and were cheerleaders together! She even went on a trip to South Korea with us the year I graduated from high school!
Me and my little pilgrim

Reading to her Gigi

Reciting a Thanksgiving skit!

Mattis always finds a way to make himself right at home in his sister's classroom. He got her teacher to give him a juice from her fridge, and conned some of the kids to read books to him.
Now onto Thanksgiving in Houston with the Kim Family!

Nick shot a buck a few weeks ago, and we decided to smoke the backstrap for Thanksgiving with my family!
My mom marinated it with Korean bulgogi marinade. It was heavenly!
On our way to Papa and GiGi's house! Cowgirl boots and all!

Dinner with the fam at our favorite Thai restaurant in Houston, Thai Gourmet!

Visited Grandma Kim

Mattis and his Papa. The turkey must have got to him.

My "baby cousin" Sophie

My Aunt Sharon

We typically do a Korean/American Thanksgiving....traditional turkey with all the fixings, and of course a ton of Korean side dishes!

Nick's friend from the Marine Corps, Tom. They served in Iraq together, and whenever we come down to Houston, we always get together with him.

Hanging out at GiGi's

My pretty cousins and me.
My mama has a little mini tree that she lets Dannika decorate!

It's Dannika's favorite thing to do!

I hope y'all had an amazing Thanksgiving and got to spend it with people you love and care about!
We are truly grateful to get to spend time with our family, as we know that most military family's are rarely afforded an opportunity to be stationed near "home".

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