Sunday, January 24, 2016

My Favorite Things

A lot going on in my mind lately, and lots of reflecting on life.
Last week, two Marine helicopters were in involved in an accident with 12 Marines aboard.
After a week of intense searching in choppy waters, the search was suspended with none of our 12 Marine brothers recovered. 
I am an empath.
Especially when it comes to matters of my fellow Marines being injured or killed, my heart literally breaks.
I have been praying so hard lately for the families, and just asking God to give their families comfort in their heart.
I know it's easier said than done, but I've been praying that they put all their grief on Him.
One of the Marines is an fact, him and his wife are both Aggies, and they have four children.
His family lives here in College Station and attend a local church that we have many friends that attend and are affiliated with.
When something hits so close to home, it feels like my own family member...and actually, since once you become a Marine, you adopt several hundred thousand brothers and sisters....they are family.
Major Campbell was one of the pilots of the helicopters in the accident.
I have been replaying what might have...could have...happened during his flight.
I keep thinking about his wife and kids, and what their last words were to each other.
Did they tell each other "I love you" before he left for work that day?
Or were they so overwhelmed with life and raising kids that they just assumed he'd be home the next day....and never said I love you or goodbye...
Maybe when he left for work, they were irritated with each other, and didn't say anything....
Lord knows that there have been many days when I have sent Nick off to work or class without saying anything because I was irritated, in a bad mood, or just in a hurry.

All these thoughts have been flooding my mind....

I've made it a point these last few days to say "I love you" to Nick and the kids more than usual.
I've tried to hug them more and love on them more.
I've given "nuggles" to my babies...even when they seem annoyed with my over affection
If God calls me home today, I just want the last memory that my husband and kids have of me is of love, positivity, and laughter.

So today...
I decided to post a few photos that make me happy...
Some things that make me smile...

At 31 years old, my dream of attending Texas A&M is a reality.
I pinch myself, because I figured with Nick's career, there'd be no way in hell I'd ever get to come here.
But here I am....
In my Hunter rainboots on a rainy day on campus....
Even with the drizzle, and millions of miles I have to walk around campus...
I am so grateful for the opportunity to come here, and have a shot at my own Aggie bling!

My sister got me these adorable soap dish and measuring spoons for Christmas.
She knows my taste so well...

I LOVE technology.
I love my iPhone.
But I HATE digital calendars.
I like a good old fashioned planner.
I found this gem at Target for a few bucks, and it's been a lifesaver.
I've got all my assignments and papers that are due written in it from my syllabi, and all my "mom duties" written in it.
I love looking at a snapshot of my month.

This little boy is officially in his "terrible twos".
Some days, Nick and I want to scratch our eyes out.
But when he wants "nuggles" and when he asks us to pray for him...
We can't help but fall in love with him more and more each day.
I love his curiosity of the world around him, and his eagerness to explore it.

Celebratory drink after completing my first week as a full time Aggie!

Cause sometimes...Nick and I can be cheesy....

I do 95% of the cooking.
I love you, Nick, but your cooking is less than.....
He can BBQ and smoke some meat like no other...
He makes a mean homemade pizza!

Just call him Chef Nick....
This is a deer sausage pizza with bell peppers and jalapeño pizza. 

This sweet daughter of mine.
Birthday party shenanigans this weekend.

I got together with some ladies last night at Painting with a Twist.
It's one of those places where you get step by step instructions with an actual artist to paint a canvas masterpiece.
And you get to drink wine while doing it!
I actually won a free wine glass because I got to most "likes" on Facebook for my painting with a twist selfie!
Thanks to all of y'all who liked my photo!

Here we are with our masterpieces!

 My handy husband found a new hobby!
He hand makes these rustic wooden flags, and sells them!
He donates 10% of the proceeds to the Semper fi fund in his buddy SSgt Vincent Bell's name.
(Vince gave his life heroically in Iraq)

And of course...a photo of my love and our natural state.

Hug your loved ones today...
Hug them every day...
Tell them you love them, and like the cliché goes...
"Live every day as if it were your last....full of love, laughter, and positivity."

Happy Sunday y'all!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Aggie Life

This week is the first week of school for the spring semester. 
It's only Thursday. ONLY THURSDAY....
For real. 
My classes have me waking up at 4am to work out at the gym at 5am, rush home, shower, and run out the door to find parking on campus and make it to my 8am class.
Did I also mention how gigantic A&M's campus is?
I have two classes that are literally over 2 miles away from each other....on the same campus people....
Then I rush home, relieve the nanny, wake Mattis up from his nap, feed him lunch, and we are back out the door to pick up D from school....then to gymnastics.....
Having my day start at 4am makes the day SO LONG....R.O.U.G.H.! 
I honestly can not believe that when I was active duty, waking up at 4am was the norm...who does that?!?!
They say it takes 14 days for you to get into a habit, right?
We're only on day 3 here, and I am T.I.R.E.D....TIRED!

I have some pretty interesting classes this semester, and so far great profs with the exception of one that barely speaks English...
The language barrier may be the death of me, but "Ce'st la vie!" 

Here we are...the two old Ags...

Mattis does not sit still, and after two failed attempts of keeping him from running onto the mats during Dannika's gymnastics class, I decided to take him to the car wash.
For some reason, the car wash always makes him happy, and sometimes even soothes him.

My daily struggle....

It's only week one of classes, and I am already ready for summer. 
Someone call me when summer gets here, ok?

Have a great week y'all!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Half Birthdays & Bad Haircuts

I haven't blogged in a while. 
I've honestly just been soaking in the ridiculous amount of time off I've had over the winter break.
Fortunately (maybe unfortunately?), the grind of classes start tomorrow.
The break's been so long (a month!) that I am really looking forward to getting back into a routine again.
My classes are all in the morning, so I'll still get to pick up Dannika from school every day, and do my "motherly duties" of driving her to gymnastics and play dates. 
Luckily, our nanny from last semester will still get to come once a week to watch Mattis, and she gave us a wonderful referral for a new nanny for us this semester from her sorority.
I feel like Mattis will eventually become the Texas A&M Zeta Tau Alpha
I'm sure he wouldn't mind being surrounded by adorable and young sorority girls.
Other than that, life has been pretty uneventful!

Since Dannika has a Summer birthday, her teacher let her celebrate her 1/2 birthday!
She asked me to bake her cupcakes....
I bake once a year...
For Christmas...
The things we do for our children....
 They turned out great though!
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting from scratch!

 The "half birthday" girl...
Funny how when you ask her how old us is, she always replies "6...AND A HALLLLF!"
Those 6 months towards becoming 7 are such a big deal to kids this age.
I love it.
 Love being this angel's mama.

What else...

Mattis got the worst. haircut. ever. 
 He normally goes with Nick to get a haircut in town, but I was lazy.
So I took him to the barbershop by our house.
Never. Again.
I really wanted to yell at the poor girl, "You had ONE job. ONE JOB."
But I have a soft spot in my heart for people in customer service.
So I bit the bullet paid for his haircut, and left the barbershop in borderline anger/tears.

Thank goodness he's such a cutie...

Dannika had a special project for school over the weekend.
She had to perform a random act of kindness, and send a photo of her doing it to her teacher.
She chose to take hot coffee to the College Station Police Department on a chilly Saturday afternoon.
She was pretty excited!

Life's been pretty awesome getting to spend so much time with these little ones.
But we are ready for some routine back in our lives!

Happy first day of classes tomorrow to my fellow Ags!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Year, New Me!!!!!!!

I'm still the same person I was on December 31, 2015.
I don't think I've ever made a New Year's resolution or a bucket list of sorts in my entire life.
It's just too much pressure to live up to something, and when I fail to reach that goal or item off the bucket list, I feel defeated.
I choose to just live life one day at a time.
I did start a winter detox this week that I feel like is going well so far.
No slip ups yet!
But other than that, life has been truckin' along!
D went back to school this week, so we are somewhat back into a routine.
Our New Year's Eve was a blast!
We spent it with our good friends and neighbors at their house just playing Jenga, talking, and waiting until midnight.

It got pretty intense....

Here we are...all a little delirious and trying to make it to Midnight!

They didn't make

But we woke D up to drink sparkling grape juice in fancy champagne glasses!

Happy New Year folks!
I'm excited to see what adventures await us in the New Year.
We already have a trip planned to Nashville to visit my little sister and her new baby (coming February), and we are SO excited about it.
It's hard to believe that at the end of 2016, Dannika will be a 2ND GRADER, and Mattis will be 3!
Can the years fly by any faster?! 
I hope everyone had a blessed New Year, and I pray for each and every one of you that our Father in heaven abundantly blesses you in the most unexpected ways.

Bring on 2016!