Thursday, January 21, 2016

Aggie Life

This week is the first week of school for the spring semester. 
It's only Thursday. ONLY THURSDAY....
For real. 
My classes have me waking up at 4am to work out at the gym at 5am, rush home, shower, and run out the door to find parking on campus and make it to my 8am class.
Did I also mention how gigantic A&M's campus is?
I have two classes that are literally over 2 miles away from each other....on the same campus people....
Then I rush home, relieve the nanny, wake Mattis up from his nap, feed him lunch, and we are back out the door to pick up D from school....then to gymnastics.....
Having my day start at 4am makes the day SO LONG....R.O.U.G.H.! 
I honestly can not believe that when I was active duty, waking up at 4am was the norm...who does that?!?!
They say it takes 14 days for you to get into a habit, right?
We're only on day 3 here, and I am T.I.R.E.D....TIRED!

I have some pretty interesting classes this semester, and so far great profs with the exception of one that barely speaks English...
The language barrier may be the death of me, but "Ce'st la vie!" 

Here we are...the two old Ags...

Mattis does not sit still, and after two failed attempts of keeping him from running onto the mats during Dannika's gymnastics class, I decided to take him to the car wash.
For some reason, the car wash always makes him happy, and sometimes even soothes him.

My daily struggle....

It's only week one of classes, and I am already ready for summer. 
Someone call me when summer gets here, ok?

Have a great week y'all!


  1. 4 AM... you are a rockstar! And seriously on the A&M campus. All my classes were on west campus and I probably walked 5 miles a day! If only the Fitbit existed back then... haha

  2. YOU CAN DO IT! 4 am sounds like a beast... but look at you achieving mama!

  3. 4 AM?! I am impressed.

    My husband wakes up at 450 AM for work and I'm like, "Oh man.." I'm up at 630 and I thought that was rough.


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