Monday, February 29, 2016

Oh, Mattis....

I think I say yell the phrases, "Oh, Mattis...", "NO MATTIS NO!", and "Mattis Mark Vincent Romer!" on a daily basis. 
He is the sweetest, most lovable, most rotten troublemaker I have ever known.
Some days, I just hold him and am in awe that Nick and I created such a perfect human being together.
Other days, I am seriously questioning our decision to have another child after having our angel child, Dannika...
(Dannika can do no wrong.........compared to Mattis)
But I can not lie...
Life wouldn't be as sweet or exciting without this crazy little guy...

Just practicing "yoga"....I'm impressed...

Visiting the ZTA house with his nanny, Miss Rachel, and playing with a blow of his favorite "toys"....

And sometimes, he gets so tired, he falls asleep while i'm changing his diaper...

Then there's that one time, he walked up to us at Lowes with a random leaf blower he somehow pulled off of a display, and without hesitation, placed it in our shopping cart...

I don't buy markers for my kids...
Because they do things like this....
(Notice the perfect "L" he drew on his forehead.....)

And when he doesn't want to eat dinner, so he helped himself to a frozen waffle out of our freezer...
Then decided to dance in the kitchen while eating it...

But seriously...
It really is sorta hard to stay mad at this fella when he's just too adorable....

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day haters

It's Valentine's Day weekend, y'all!

I LOVE Valentine's Day, and I love "LOVE".

I do know there are a lot of Valentine's Day haters out there...
I am reminded every year around this time via social media.

Here are several posts I see during this time of year...
"It's a hallmark holiday, and a gazillion dollar industry. The money spent on Valentine's day can go feed the hungry."

"Why do I need one day out out of the year to show someone I love them. If you really love someone, every day should be Valentine's Day."

"I hate everyone in a loving relationship."

They annoy me.
Because it's negativity in an already negative environment on social media.
There are people out there who actually love a reason to celebrate something, and you're just being a "Debbie Downer".

And lastly...

Posting your hate for Valentine's Day is unnecessary. 
Most people who post negativity about this day normally post things that are not uplifting or encouraging to others most of the time anyway.

They are the "glass is half empty" people.

There's enough hate going on around us today.
It's all over the news, the Internet, and social media.
What's so wrong about your friends posting their mushy, lovey posts all over your newsfeed for just a few days in February?
If it bothers you...stay off social media until February 15th!

So to all my Valentine's Day lovers out there...
Celebrate with your love!
Enjoy the cheesy cards, chocolates, and stuffed animals!
Enjoy your overpriced flowers, fancy dinner dates, and most importantly, with your special person.

Valentine's Day means a lot more to me because I've spent many of them without my "special person"...

 Happy Valentine's Day weekend, y'all!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

"The Best Night of My Life!"

"Tonight is the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!"
Dannika Jane, Age 6

Dannika went to her first ever daddy/daughter dance this past Friday.
She had been anticipating the evening for the past month.

On Friday morning when Nick dropped her off at school, her exact words to him were...
"Bye daddy! See you after school, and see you again at the daddy/daughter dance!!!"

We went to our local convenient store, and the clerk asked her, "what's up?"
She replied...
"I don't know? But I know what's up on Friday! The daddy/daughter dance!"

Needless to say, I'm pretty positive she was excited about it.

I decided to "interview" them after the dance for my blog to get their thoughts and reflections on it.

This is the "Daddy/Daughter" behind the blog edition....

Q: How did you feel while getting ready?

Dannika: I felt perfect because daddy was coming with me
Daddy: Like the luckiest dad in the world. I felt a little anxious because it was our first real date! We have to date our children to show them the right way to be treated.

Q: Dannika, what did you think of daddy when you first saw him in his uniform?

Dannika: I thought he was very handsome and like a gentleman.

Q: Daddy, what did you think of dannika when you first saw her in her fancy new dress?

Daddy: My breath was taken away. She’s not a little baby anymore.

Q: What was your favorite part of the date night?
Dannika: My favorite part of the date night was having food with daddy and dancing. Daddy brought me my food, and I thought that was kind like we have to do at “Forest Ridge” (her elementary school).
Daddy:  None of the other dad’s brought food to their daughter. They all made them get up with them. I told Dannika to sit and relax. My favorite part of the date night was dancing! It was so much fun. We didn’t even care who was around us. There was lots of dipping going on!

Q: What do you love most about daddy/Dannika?

Dannika: He always says “I love you”, and sometimes he gives me great big hugs! (Nick…we need to work on giving more great big hugs….sometimes isn’t cutting it…lol)
 Daddy: I just love how sweet and thoughtful she is. She asked me if there was soy in the food tonight because her friend Olivia (who was there) has a soy allergy.

Q: What date night do you want to do next?

Dannika: I would like to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant like Chuy’s and Mad Taco (fancy for a 6 year old!).
Daddy: Ooh! Maybe a movie, and dinner at Mad Taco.

Q: Did you miss Mattis tonight (BE HONEST!)?
Dannika: yes
Daddy: (shook his head no)…

Here are some quick photos I snapped of them before they left for their magical night of dancing!

I'm so glad that they had a great time.
I got several texts throughout the night from Nick telling me what a good time he was having, and how much dancing they were doing!
I am so in awe of the man God gave me to be an example to our daughter!

Friday, February 5, 2016

She's Alive!

It's me...

Remember the gal who used to use this little space of the internet pretty often to ramble about her life?
I'm still here, and alive.

My life has make it an understatement.

School, kids, school, homework, school, kids, reading, studying, kids.....
That's been my life, and when I do have a moment to relax, I don't feel like blogging. 
I do enjoy reading all of y'alls blogs though, even though I probably haven't commented on a blog in months.


Bad blogger friend. 

I sit in class every day, and listen to "kids" complain about how overwhelmed and busy they are with school.
I get it.
They're 19-21(ish) year olds, and college is the first real personal responsibility they have as far as time management and independence.
It doesn't mean to complaining annoys the ever living "you know what" out of me.
Inside, I'm screaming....
I told Nick these kiddos are up for a rude awakening when they get to "real life", cause let's be honest, "real life" can kinda suck.
College life for Nick and I has been a "break" and a blessing. 
College life is pretty easy for two 30 something year olds who have 10+ years experience in time management skills.

So I get it, Ags...
You're tired.
I was once 21(ish) and tired Iraq.

Because I don't feel like a blog is complete without some photos...
Here are some....

(if you follow me on Instagram, they're mostly all on there...I'm a self proclaimed "over-sharer"...can't help it....#sorrynotsorry?)

We did some fishing last weekend...
Caught one little catfish....
But we had a great time with our friends.

We have been potty training(ish) Mattis...
But check him out in his underwear and vacuuming!
He's gonna make an awesome husband....

A friend of ours gave us the tip to put shaving cream in the tub/shower with the kids and let them draw in it.
Not only does it entertain them, but it cleans soap scum!

Some friends (who happens to be an Aggie AND a Marine) sent us this awesome care package with homemade empanadas, and homemade  habanero jelly.

And because we have been brainwashing our kids....

Our nanny took Mattis to her sorority house last week.
He pretty much thinks he's too cool for school now...
I know many grown men who would be jealous.

Dannika's been improving leaps and bounds in gymnastics!
She's been working so hard, and we're so proud of her!

I'll try and keep up more on this thing!
Dannika and Nick went to a Daddy/Daughter dance tonight, so I'm sure I'll be blogging about that this weekend after I hear all about it!

Have a SPLENDID weekend, y'all!