Friday, February 5, 2016

She's Alive!

It's me...

Remember the gal who used to use this little space of the internet pretty often to ramble about her life?
I'm still here, and alive.

My life has make it an understatement.

School, kids, school, homework, school, kids, reading, studying, kids.....
That's been my life, and when I do have a moment to relax, I don't feel like blogging. 
I do enjoy reading all of y'alls blogs though, even though I probably haven't commented on a blog in months.


Bad blogger friend. 

I sit in class every day, and listen to "kids" complain about how overwhelmed and busy they are with school.
I get it.
They're 19-21(ish) year olds, and college is the first real personal responsibility they have as far as time management and independence.
It doesn't mean to complaining annoys the ever living "you know what" out of me.
Inside, I'm screaming....
I told Nick these kiddos are up for a rude awakening when they get to "real life", cause let's be honest, "real life" can kinda suck.
College life for Nick and I has been a "break" and a blessing. 
College life is pretty easy for two 30 something year olds who have 10+ years experience in time management skills.

So I get it, Ags...
You're tired.
I was once 21(ish) and tired Iraq.

Because I don't feel like a blog is complete without some photos...
Here are some....

(if you follow me on Instagram, they're mostly all on there...I'm a self proclaimed "over-sharer"...can't help it....#sorrynotsorry?)

We did some fishing last weekend...
Caught one little catfish....
But we had a great time with our friends.

We have been potty training(ish) Mattis...
But check him out in his underwear and vacuuming!
He's gonna make an awesome husband....

A friend of ours gave us the tip to put shaving cream in the tub/shower with the kids and let them draw in it.
Not only does it entertain them, but it cleans soap scum!

Some friends (who happens to be an Aggie AND a Marine) sent us this awesome care package with homemade empanadas, and homemade  habanero jelly.

And because we have been brainwashing our kids....

Our nanny took Mattis to her sorority house last week.
He pretty much thinks he's too cool for school now...
I know many grown men who would be jealous.

Dannika's been improving leaps and bounds in gymnastics!
She's been working so hard, and we're so proud of her!

I'll try and keep up more on this thing!
Dannika and Nick went to a Daddy/Daughter dance tonight, so I'm sure I'll be blogging about that this weekend after I hear all about it!

Have a SPLENDID weekend, y'all!

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