Friday, March 11, 2016


Spring break starts today (well, after this pesky 9am class I have), but yay!
I blogged yesterday about just how crazy life has been the last two weeks.
Between midterms, parenting, Dannika's gymnastics, GYM TIME ( still haven't missed a day!) and everything else in between, it's been hectic.
These last few weeks have really tested my balancing act and time management.
My fellow young and ambitious students always ask me how I find the time to do everything AND still manage to get to bed by 9.
I usually stare blankly at them, and tell them, "I really have no idea!" 

Honestly, I just maximize every single minute of my day.
I suffer from anxiety, and the only way for me to really control it (without medication) is to be able to predict EVERYTHING.
I hate surprises so I run my ship on a tight (predictable) schedule. 

I can honestly say that I do not have a spare minute wasted during my day.
It does make my day a little crazy, but at the end of each and every day, I still have time to cook dinner for my family, bathe the kids, and enjoy an hour of me time before I hit the lights.
It also frees up my weekends to do fun things like hang out with my kids, Nick, and our friends.

Someone once told me that if you treat school like a 9-5, M-F job, you will never have to utilize a weekend to study (except maybe during midterms and finals).
Even with midterms, I did minimal studying on the weekends, because I maximized my week day.

I mean seriously, y'all...
How could I NOT make time for this little fella...

And wine...

And watching this sweet girl play...

The helmet is one used for grappling...courtesy of Nick...

Or beautiful Texas nights on the porch watching TV.

And playing cornhole on a Sunday with the neighbors on the cul de sac.

 Even though he's grumpy in the mornings, his and his sister's faces are my most favorite parts of waking up!

 I'll get to catch up on some blogging this week!
I've missed sharing with y'all all our daily happenings in our family!
We've got some fun things planned for Spring Break, so I'll be excited to share!
Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Yay for spring break!!! :) Enjoy every second of it. :)

  2. Yay Spring Break is next week for us too. I can't wait!

  3. I'm like you - I need to know what is going to happen each day and when. I get so thrown off when plans change. Have a fun spring break! :)


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