Saturday, March 19, 2016

OH Nashville (pt 2)

 Our Nashville trip continued..

Did I tell y'all how much we fell in love with Nashville?!
The city has such an old country town feel with modern hipster elements. 
The food, the atmosphere, the vibe...
It's just such a cool city!

Nashville is also home of the cutest niece ever...
Early morning selfies with my nieces Lyla and Lucy.

Even Uncle Nick got in on the action.

Dannika is the oldest cousin, and she takes that title very seriously.
How cute is that little baby turban on Lucy?!
My sister bought it from "Turbans for Tots".

 The girls

We went to church on Sunday at my sister's church (Green Hills Church).
The kids loved Sunday school there, and had a blast.

After church, we had lunch at Calypso Café.
Another super trendy (and healthy) Nashville café.
 The cuisine was very Caribbean.
Cuban black beans, jerk chicken, etc.
Another delicious place.

More cuddles with Lucy...

After lunch, my brother in law took us to Centennial Park to see the replica of the Greek Parthenon.
Again, they live walking distance to all of this.
The park was really nice with a pond and a mile loop jogging trail around this gorgeous architecture.

Reppin' CSTX and throwing up our Gig 'em thumbs!
The SEC tournament was going on in Nashville when we were there, so there were a few Aggies around for the basketball games!

We drove to downtown Nashville (also called Broadway....also called "Nash-Vegas").
That's the famous "Batman" building...for obvious reasons...

And right there behind us is where the Tennessee Titans play football!

On our way to dinner...
Mattis was infatuated with this tiny human being.

For dinner, we went to a local Mexican joint called "Taco Mamasita".
Specialty tacos and margaritas.
It was delicious.
They were like BFF's...

Bathroom selfie at Taco Mamasitas...
Why not?
The bathrooms are even so hipster...

We ended the day back at my sister's home and sipped on some delicious Nashville brews...
This "Walk the Lime" was my personal favorite.

We are so grateful for my sister and brother in law for being such generous hosts to us.
They really gave us the full Nashville experience!
Stay tuned for the rest of our trip!
It'll be up on the blog soon!


  1. Beautiful! All of your kids are adorable. Your posts are perfect timing for our trip through Nashville. I'm adding things to our list.

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