Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Timeline of Dannika and Her Boots

We've had Dannika in cowgirl boots since she was an infant...
Dannika, 3-4 months old in her Janie & Jack infant boots...
With a daddy from Alabama and a mama from Texas, she was destined to be a cowgirl boot lovin' girl.
Even if she was born in California.

It's always been her favorite fashion statement.
Age 2

Age 3
Age 4

Age 5
Age 5 1/2
She actually wore those last pair of boots to the absolute bare bones.
She wears them AT LEAST once a week (mostly more), and some mornings I have to fight with her to give her other pretty shoes that I buy her some love.

So this weekend, we went shopping for another pair!

It didn't take her long to find the perfect pair of boots!
She found these beauties, and "HAD TO HAVE THEM!"

This girl has Texas runnin' through her blood (thank goodness), and I love that her favorite fashion statement is a pretty smile and her cowgirl boots!
She's a girl after this Texas mama's heart.


  1. Love this!! She's a doll. Grace loves a good pair of cowgirl boots too.

  2. So fun! I've never worn boots (from the midwest, haha), but she looks SO adorable in them!

  3. She is too cute in her boots! Love it!


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