Friday, April 8, 2016

I've Kinda Been Sucking...

At blogging.
School, kids, and life....
I feel like my life is pretty well documented on Instagram (@domesticatedcombatboots) and on Facebook.
But it is nice to get on the old blog and explain things better.
I'm actually thinking about changing the name of my blog. 
When I first got out of the Marine Corps, I really wanted to blog about my life as a former Marine turned Marine spouse.
That's how the name "Domesticated Combat Boots" was born.
The transition phase was tough for me, and I had a lot to blog about.
I mean going from "war fighter" to "Marine spouse/stay at home mom" was not the easiest thing.
I feel like I am finally done "transitioning" out of the Marine Corps, and I have somewhat adjusted back into the civilian population (somewhat....haha).
I also don't feel so "domestic" anymore since I am in school full time.
Ask me the last time I baked....I don't remember.
So I'm thinking of a title more fitted to where my life is right now.

Did anyone else find it weird to have Easter in March?! 
I feel a little cheated because my Easter decorations didn't get to stay up as long.
I managed to snap some photos of the kids in their Easter attire.
I didn't get any good ones of them together because Mattis refuses to cooperate because he hates me.

This shot was taken totally randomly, by accident, and he ends up looking like a dang J.Crew model.

I know I have said many many times about how awesome our cul-de-sac is.
But here is just another reason why it's so awesome.
On Easter Sunday, the entire street collectively put together an Easter egg hunt for all the kids.
It just so happens that we have a College Station Firefighter that lives on our street, and he just happened to be on duty that day.
So he brought his fire truck on our little cul-de-sac for the kids to see and play on!

The "Easter Bunny" brought Dannika a new bike!

We had an activity table for the kids...

Our "cul-de-sac mafia"

Confetti eggs (cascarones) were a big hit!

It's so sad to think that we only have another year and a half left here in this wonderful town.
I seriously can not imagine my life being anywhere else, but...
I fell in love with a guy who fell in love with a job that uproots our family and takes us all over the world every three(ish) years.
But I will be forever grateful to God for letting us live in "heaven" for just a little while on this wild ride called the "Marine Corps".


I appreciate every, single comment! Thanks for the love!