Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Birthday Baby

Since Dannika has a midsummer birthday, I always throw her a birthday party right at the end of the school year so that her classmates from school can celebrate with her before they head off on vacations and camps.
I've always done parties where "everyone is included", and I send out a set of mass invitations to her ENTIRE class.
Every year, I tell myself that I am never doing that again.
A birthday party with 15-20 kids running wild, buying party favors, and food, and entertainment is just exhausting, expensive, and did I mention, exhausting?!
I also realized that half of the kids that show up to her parties are kids that she rarely plays with at school.
This year, I procrastinated big time, and forgot to plan her an end of school year birthday party.
So in my scramble to put something together, I came up with the idea that she could invite only FIVE of her closest friends to go get pedicures.
Five little girls is WAY easier to plan a quick party around than 15-20 random kids.
Of course, her guest list ended up with like 10 friends, but I made her narrow it down to just 5. 
We will throw a party for her in July on her actual birthday with our neighbors and friends that are in town, so it made her feel better about not inviting some of her favorite gal pals. 

I literally bought all the decorations the day before her party.
Target to the rescue!

I ordered her cake from "The Cake Junkie" here in Bryan, and they did such an amazing job on such short notice!

These sweet girls have been such awesome friends since Kindergarten!

"Hey mom, let us take a selfie with your phone!"

These girls have so much sass.

After pedicures, we came home to have Chick-Fil-A and cake!

 We are so grateful to be continually blessed with amazing friends that Dannika has made here in Texas.
They're truly one of a kind, and they each have such amazing parents who have become friends of ours. 

I also just needed to add that if you are reading this, and weren't invited, it really was because I made Dannika pick only FIVE friends.
I guess it's a good problem to have when you can't decide which friends to invite to your party. 
We always do a BBQ, and party in July on her actual birthday with our family and friends that are in town!


  1. What a wonderful party!!! :) I love that you have it early so her friends can be there.

  2. Such a sweet idea! And a good way to celebrate early!

  3. What a fun idea!! And I just love all the fun colors they chose for their toes!! :)

    1. Such a sweet idea indeed, geez the girls are adorable!


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