Sunday, June 12, 2016 far...

My blogging has been lacking...
I feel like that has been the theme of most of my blog posts lately, and y'all can blame it on school!
Starting at A&M full time has been SO time consuming. 

I am taking a logic class for summer session 1 (phil240 for anyone who cares), and it is literally kicking my butt!!!
I go to class every day for an hour and a half, come home, and do homework for like 3-5 hours...yes...THREE TO FIVE HOURS!!!!
My brain physically hurts from this class.
I just keep telling myself that this is the price you pay to go to school at one of the nation's BEST DAMN UNIVERSITIES!

 Dannika dived into summer with a TON of activities. 
This past week, she did backyard bible club in our neighborhood through Grace Bible Church here in town.
It's an awesome alternative to a typical Vacation Bible School (VBS).
Families in different neighborhoods all across town volunteer to host a "bible club" at their homes for a few hours every night.
I love it because we had one in our neighborhood, and it was close enough to walk to every evening.

 D also lost her second front tooth, so she is officially "front toothless".
I think that it's adorable.

Apparently, we are only two weeks into summer, and Mattis is wiped out.

This is the first year that I did a "summer bucket list" for D. 
One of the items was to go on a "Barnes and Noble date".
She received a BnN gift card for her pedicure birthday party, so it was a perfect excuse for a mommy/daughter bookstore date. 
She picked out a Junie B. Jones book, the new "Owl Diaries", and a children's devotional.

Dannika will be attending her first sleepaway camp this week.
We signed her up to attend Camp Carolina Creek which is a Christian Camp just an hour away from our house.!
She'll be gone for 3 whole nights, and 4 days!!!!
Luckily, 3 of her best friends from her 1st grade class will be attending with her, and they will all get to be roommates!
I got her a trunk, and our awesome neighbors who own a screenprinting company in town hooked her trunk up with these awesome heat press decals! 
If you're ever in the market for vinyl or heat press decals, check out All Out Graphics!

Another item on D's summer bucket list was to get donuts from a local doughnut shop, Kai's Doughnuts. 
It's a specialty doughnut shop here in College Station,
We got the fruity pebbles doughnut, Girl Scout cookie Samoa doughnut, heath bar crunch doughnut, and the nutella filled doughnut.
All delicious, and well worth the early morning to pick them up!
I actually thought they opened at 5, and got there at 615, only to find out that on weekends, they don't open until 645-7ish.
But I was determined to get these donuts for my kids, so I sat in the parking lot for 45 minutes until they opened...SO WORTH IT!

 Besides my horrible logic class, summer has been pretty awesome!
I've spent a lot of time hanging out with my kids and husband, and just enjoying the warm (hot) weather!
I hope y'alls summer is off to a great start too!


  1. A logic class?! Wow that definitely sounds intense.

  2. Wow, you are really staying busy! Sounds like Dannika is having a super summer!!! :)

  3. We are doing a bucket list too!! Such a fun way to pass the summer!


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