Thursday, July 28, 2016

I Love Summer

School has been keeping me so busy!
My classes aren't too difficult, but they have been extremely time consuming!
We have one more week until summer school is done, and Nick and I will finally get a few weeks off to relax before the reality of Fall semester starts again.

I have managed to continue to overshare photos of my kids and my life on Instagram and Facebook.
Contemplating deleting that thing until election season is over.
Who would have thought that so many of my friends were so hateful to one another!

Anyway, regardless of how much time school has been taking up, our family has really taken advantage of the summer, and we have been soaking up all the hot Texas rays.

Lots of time playing outside with the kids on the street....
Mattis getting school on nerf guns....

Nick won yard of the month.
Seriously, this has been his lifelong dream.

Mommy/daughter dates to the salon and lunch!

back to school "do"

This is our neighbor's fish Vi, and Dannika.
We released Vi into our neighborhood's pond a few nights ago.
Dannika was the only person who really loved Vi, so instead of flushing her down the toilet, we let her go into the murky waters of the pond. 

We've spent some time...lots of time swimming at our neighborhood pool...

We have also kept up with our reading!

And sno cones at our local Bahama Buck's!

I can't believe it's the end of July already!
This summer just flew by, and I am sad that it is almost over!

Hope everyone's been having a great summer so far!

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  1. I just finished my current classes and I finally have a break until October. I am thrilled haha.


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