Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Big Bang Theory (not the show)

I am taking this geography class right now in summer school called "Planet Earth".
So far, it's been such a rad class to take.
Science is amazing, and even better, my professor is a woman!
Women in science is always super awesome, and I admire women who are breaking barriers and going into STEM type reasearch and jobs.
As most people know, Texas A&M is on the conservative side as far as most public institutions go.
We are a big HUGE agriculture school which attracts many students that come from conservative backgrounds, ranches, farms, etc. etc. etc.
However, it is still academia, and I have sat through some classes that directly contradict my faith as a Christian.
It makes this whole experience very interesting.
Does it challenge my beliefs?
Sure...all the time.
Does it change my beliefs?
My faith is strong, and I have no reason NOT to believe that we have a Heavenly Father, a creator who created the universe in 6 days, and a Son who died on the cross and rose from the dead for me.
For a nonbeliever, that all sounds a little cooky.
Most of my "nonbeliever" friends don't believe because it sounds cooky, and they need everything in proof to them scientifically.

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for, and assurance for what we do not see."
-Hebrews 11:1

For my planet earth class, I have to do a short documentary on something that pertains to the earth.
It is my final.
I thought about all sorts of things I could do, but God kept tugging at my heart in a totally opposite (and could be very controversial) direction.
In this class, we had a whole lecture on the "Big Bang Theory".
As a Christian, I don't believe in the Big Bang Theory, and no amount of "scientific" (word used loosely) evidence can change my mind.
So I have chosen to do my final on "debunking" the Big Bang Theory, while using biblical truths.
I truly believe that there is evidence that reveals a universe consistent with the account of creation in the Bible. 
I have reached out to a few friends of mine (both scientists and seminary students/pastors), and I feel confident with this.

I just pray that my Professor can be open minded (like I have for her class), and take the time to carefully listen to my argument....and not let it affect my grade because it goes against her beliefs.
Who knows...
Maybe my little documentary will change her life...

Please send some prayers my way as I tackle this!

Oh and here's a daily dose of my kids....
He claimed he was not tired 5 minutes prior to this photo...

Church this sunday...

4th of July outfits!

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  1. You go mama! Seriously... that's so awesome that you are following your faith in this project.


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