Thursday, August 4, 2016

August? And Those Dang Millenials...

Gosh, is it August yet?
When did August happen?
HOW did August happen?!

My summer classes are just a few days shy of being over, and Nick and I have a few short weeks off until the Fall starts. 
We rented a lake house on Lake Conroe for a few days, and we are taking a much needed getaway with some friends during our break.
I still can not believe that we will have a SECOND GRADER in just a few short weeks!

She just had her 7 year well check, and she is as healthy as can be!

Just for reference, here is a photo of her at one of her very first well check appointments...7 years ago.
She has always loved pink!

When I think of last 7 years of Dannika's life, I feel like it has literally FLOWN by!
Then I really reflect on the last 7 years of MY life, and I'm thinking, "HOLY COW! I can not believe how much life has been lived in 7 years!"

Life has a strange way of fastwarding, yet cramming so much of it into those few short years.

I had lunch today after an exam I had on campus (my last one for this class!) with a sweet young woman I met in one of my Ag Leadership classes last semester.
I always sit in the front of class, and I noticed that most young kids like to sit in the back (as I would have when I was 18, 19, 20 years old).
So when this pretty, blonde girl sat right next to me in the front row and opened up her planner, I knew that we would be friends.
(Always trust a woman who has a planner)
She always came to class smiling, and always had something positive to say to me.
I really liked sitting next to her all semester, and she gave me hope for
It's crazy that at 32 years old, I see myself really connecting with the "young kids".
I think my age and "wisdom" (term used attracts the type of young adults that are like me...driven, focused, and goal-oriented.
So when people ask me, "is it weird being in college at 32 with a husband and kids?"
I usually answer with, "yes...but not weird in the fact that I'm OLD. Weird in the fact that it's amazing how much I can relate to many of these young adults."
I think my kids keep me young.
But I have also learned that not ALL millenials are entitled, whiny brats. 
Many of them are smart, goal driven, and have more passion about our country and our earth than any of "us" old folks ever had.
Most importantly, they're not so stuck in the "old ways of thinking"...they are innovative.
It's refreshing to see that kind of passion. 
So instead of bashing millenials, I try my best to encourage them.
That's what our young people need now, more than encouragement.

Off my tangent.

Here are some random photos that have nothing to do with this blog post...because a blog without photos is sad :(
(they really need to do emojis on a regular keyboard...for real)

So here is my car selfie of me drinking my southern peach mango tea sweetened with lemon sugar from Tea 2 Go...
It's the "bee's knees"...if bees had knees.

This is a preview of Mattis in his future college life...
Drunk on life.....

Eating Sunday after church lunch at Mad Taco....
And Mattis wiping Nick's face off while Nick tries to play Pokemon Go (I embarrassing...the face that my 32 year old husband plays Pokemon Go)....

 Manis with my best gal pal.

 Gym dates with my husband...

Hope August is SPECTACULAR for all y'all out there in blogland!!!


  1. My husband is obsessed with Pokemon Go!!! I play it just to appease him!

  2. I just can't with the Pokemon Go! It's not my cup of tea.

  3. Haha this post is awesome. Love that you made friends with a fellow planner girl. You can't go wrong with that!


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