Monday, August 22, 2016

Birthday Fit For a 33 Year Old

Nick turned THIRTY-THREE last week!
That is TWO 3's!

One of my "things" is that I love making people feel special on their birthdays.
I go all out...I don't care how old you are turning!
Complete with cheesy decorations and everything!

The night before Nick's birthday, we watched the new Nina Turtles movie, so I felt it was appropriate to throw him "another" TMNT themed party! 

Nick had no idea I bought all these decorations.
I knew he would wake up early (5AM!!!!) to go on a run, so I was up at 0530 to throw up the decorations! (notice it is still dark outside!)
I was sleepy....

Then I ran to our favorite Texas donut place, Shipley's to grab him some cinnamon rolls, and a mocha latte from our local convenience store, Rattlers...

Nick got a new a hunting rifle for his birthday earlier in the summer, but I wanted something special to give him on his birthday.
Nick was EXTREMELY close to his "mum" (she was British), and when she passed away unexpectedly two years ago, he was devastated.
His mom hated taking photos, and the few that we have of her are either bad quality or really old.
I wanted to take one of my favorite photos of them and have it sketched so that I could display it in my home. 
A woman I went to boot camp with (14 years ago...holy cow) is married to a Marine vet with amazing art talent.
I contacted him and sent him a bad quality, grainy photo on facebook messenger to see if he could sketch it for me to place in an 8x10 frame.
And boy did he deliver!
 He is an art major at University of North Carolina Wilmington, and his talent is incredible. 
Here is the finished product!
Here is the original...
Thank you so much Kirk!!!

 Nick is also a big Star Wars fan...
So I got him a 160 piece Darth Vader Star Wars lego set as well...
He spent the entire morning putting him (Darth Vader) together.
He is a selfie of us and ole Darth...

No party hats here...
Just Nina Turtle masks...

And lastly, we ended the day with our neighbors coming over to sing Happy Birthday to him with cake!
They brought him his favorite beers and his favorite chocolate bars (Caramellos!)

Here's to a wonderful year of being 33, my love!

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