Sunday, August 21, 2016

End of Summa....

I can not believe that today is Dannika's last day of summer break.
Tomorrow she officially becomes a second grader.
First day of school outfit has been picked out, school supplies dropped off, teachers have been met....
We (meaning ALL of us in the Romer fam) are ready for school to start back up, and for us to get back into a routine.

We had "Meet the Teacher" night last week.
In second grade, the students have two teachers.
A primary teacher, and a "switch" teacher.
Twice the love is what I say!

Dannika's primary teacher in Mrs. Aguirre, and we are all very excited!

Her "switch" teacher is Mrs. Taylor!

Since Dannika started Kindergarten, I have always written her a note for her lunchbox with words of encouragement, funny doodles, jokes and riddles, and poems.
I haven't missed a single day since Kindergarten!

To all the wonderful and hardworking teachers who are getting ready for a new school year...
I pray that y'all are abundantly blessed with love, patience, and a classroom full of awesome kids just thirsting for knowledge.
I pray that when you have that "one" (or two or three...) difficult child(ren), that you have the patience to touch their heart(s) and make a difference.
You are appreciated, loved, and way underpaid.
But we love you for it...because you don't do it for the money.
You really just love our little humans...


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  1. You are such a supporter - thanks for being the wonderful family you are!


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