Thursday, August 25, 2016


Nick ordered his Aggie ring this week!!

So what's the big deal, and why is there an entire blog post dedicated to him just ordering his ring?

Because it's an AGGIE ring...that's why it's a HUGE deal.

I was gonna post the entire symbolism on the Aggie ring, and why it is such a big deal for Aggie grads, but it is long, boring, and monotonous.
If you're not an Aggie, you won't care, let alone read about it.
If you're really curious about the symbolism behind the ring, you can read about it here.

But a quick Google search on "Aggie rings: What's the big deal?"
Here are some responses I found on a thread:

"Short answer: Same reason Jews wear yamakas." -Ringoffive

" Probably the most significant value of the Aggie ring for former students is to publicly identify yourself as a member of the Aggie family, which is very important to Ags. Getting your ring is a very signiicant event for Aggie students. ~90% of all A&M graduates get rings.

I have only had a ring for 3 years, and have had countless random conversations with other Aggies who noticed my ring." -flyfisher09

"And as others have said, it's the best way to recognize another aggie. I can't tell you how many times I've had an Aggie approach me in an airport, across a conference hall, etc because they can see my ring. It's an instant connection." -AJ02

" To me my ring is more important than even my diploma.... I was WAY more excited to get my ring than walk the stage at graduation.

As others have stated you have to meet the requirements to get one and its a huge event when you do (search for photos of ring day and see the crowds and then the ring dunking party afterwards)." -Jagouar1

"It sets us apart from everyone else. Most schools look at a class ring as just another high school ring. In fact, with a few exceptions, it looks like a high school ring. A little bigger, perhaps, but just a piece of gold with a colored stone on it. Ours is very unique and recognizable from afar. I've had other Aggies come up to me all over the world and introduce themselves once they see my ring. When this happens, it's like seeing an old friend, even though you never met them before.

Aggies look at their ring as a symbol of the most important achievment of their lives. Some will go on and get master's and doctorates at other places, but you can be damn sure that all who love A&M will wear their Aggie ring until they die. I will" -Ag-bq-70

So, as y'all can see based on these responses, our ring is a pretty big deal for our school.
It is one of our most cherished and time honored traditions.
If you just do a quick Google search of "Aggie ring day", you will see countless photos and videos of people receiving their Aggie rings.
I've heard girls say that their Aggie ring day was more important to them than their engagement!

On our way to order his ring!!!

Trying out some different sizes...

Even Mattis got in on the action.

He asked if he could have one.
Made my Aggie mama heart swell up with pride.
I told him he could get his in 2035!

I mean seriously, what school has a giant statue of their school ring?!?!
Texas A&M!
They even give you this cool sign to do a fun photo op with!

 It may not seem like a big deal to a non-Aggie, but it was a pretty big day for our family.
So proud of you, Nick!
Can't wait to order mine!

Thanks and Gig 'em! 


  1. Pretty big day for the formet Bama fan! Proud of you, Nick. They make GREAT 'head bonkers', too.

  2. Pretty big day for the formet Bama fan! Proud of you, Nick. They make GREAT 'head bonkers', too.

  3. That is the coolest tradition ever!!! I didn't order a ring in either high school or college.


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