Sunday, September 18, 2016

Howdy Y'all, Remember Me?

The last post I wrote was about how I survived Syllabus week.
Now I am here just trying to survive Fall semester.
Between one writing intensive class, two classes that require a CRAP TON of reading, my internship, keeping two little humans alive and well, and being a wife, I am SO SPREAD THIN!
I feel like I have no time for anything!
I am also hating juggling my demanding course load with college football season.
The struggle is real, y'all.
We had two home games in a row, and with Nick being the President of A&M's Semper Fi Society, he is in charge of all the home football game tailgates. 
This means home game Saturdays mean NO time for studying, reading, or homework.
It has been crazy!
Here are some pics from our first tailgate!

Our very first tailgate was against UCLA (An Aggie win!)
SEC Nation was live broadcasting at Spence Park (right outside of Kyle Field), so I got to be 10 feet away from Tim Tebow!

My two little Ags all dressed and ready to tailgate!

One of our favorite things to do is watching the Corps of Cadets march onto Kyle Field for the game!

Official Aggie mascot, Reveille!

Our sweet nanny Rachel and her roommate Amanda stopped by our tent to say hi!


I need prayers that I'll be able to maintain schooling and all my other "mom and wife commitments"!

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