Monday, September 19, 2016

Prairie View Game

There are a TON of photos on this post.
Playing "blog catch up" is tricky!

I really have zero time to blog these days. 
I thought I would get a chance to this weekend since we had an away game.
But it was "Aggie Ring Day" weekend (more on that soon!), and our family had SO many commitments to help friends celebrate!
I'm taking less classes, and yet I have less time than ever before.
Still trying to figure out how that happened?

Anyway, Nick and I made the decision that we would take our kids with us to ONE Aggie home football game per season.
Mainly because Mattis can be quite the "diva", and his attention span is non-existent.
We got some awesome club access tickets from a friend to the A&M vs. Prairie View A&M game.
Basically, we had expensive tickets that gave us awesome seats with access to an indoor food and beverage area of Kyle Field.
We figured this was the game to bring our kids too so that they wouldn't be subject to the heat.
Also, the game was going to be a shut out since PVAMU is a much smaller school than A&M, but all the hype was about the halftime show.
PVAMU is a historically black university, and their marching band (called the Storm) is SO entertaining.
PVAMU is actually part of the Texas A&M University school system.
 This was the first time TAMU and PVAMU have played each other. 
TAMU and PVAMU are the 2 oldest public institutions in Texas established in 1876.
Prairie View was established during the reconstruction period & in the Texas constitution of 1876 which stated that separate schools should be provided for the whites and blacks.
There is just so much history associated with the schools, and it was really neat to be a part of this whole experience. 


Watching Prairie View A&M's drill team (the Black Foxes) walking out of Kyle Field!

He slept the the majority of the halftime show!
He missed the best part!

The teams warming up before the game started (hence the empty seats!). 
The stadium got pretty full by the time kickoff happened.

The game was a blast, and our family was WORN out!
I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing University with so much tradition and history!

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