Friday, September 2, 2016

Syllabus Week Down!

First week of classes is down, and our first fightin' Texas Aggie home game is THIS Saturday!
I am dreaming about tailgates, and boots, and cute outfits, and most importantly, watching the Aggies BTHO UCLA this weekend (Whoop!)!

Classes have been pretty good this week.

Here's my first day of school photo!
"When I grow up, I want to shower without interrupting children, and go #2 in peace."

Syllabus week tends to be a drag, but most of my professors jumped right into lecture on the first day!
 And someone explain to me why my professor feels the need to have a 21 page syllabus?!?!

One of the classes I am taking is Military War & Society.
It is a sociology class (for those who don't know, I am minoring in sociology and psychology).
I didn't choose this class because I wanted to, or because of my military background.
I needed a sociology class, and this was the only class that was open and fit with my schedule.
It turns out, the majority of the students in this class are members of Texas A&M's ROTC (or better known as our Corps of Cadets). 

It's already a challenge being a non-traditional, older student.
I find it hard to relate sometimes to the "young kids".
Ironically, I find it even harder to relate to young cadets.
There is a sense of arrogance (not always in a bad way) that comes with the territory of being a cadet at TAMU, and I know a lot of veterans who have expressed this same sentiment with me.
Being in the Corps of Cadets at TAMU is a really big deal.
They are called our University's keepers of the "Aggie spirit", and rightfully so.
All of A&M's beginnings and history begins with the Corps of Cadets.
But there is a disconnect between being in ROTC, and being an actual military member or veteran.
Veterans take so much pride in their military service, so it's tough to see these kids marching around and "playing soldier" when you've experienced it in real life. 

With that said, I have an immense amount of respect for our Corps of Cadets.
Compared to the the average college kid on campus, the members of the Corps of Cadets are some of the most disciplined and professional students I have met.
They always call professors sir or ma'am, and they don't shuffle around before a lecture is over.
They're just all around a great group, and another reason why I believe Texas A&M is by far, the greatest damn university in the world! 

Marching into Kyle Field for a home football game! (last season)

Dannika and some cadets last year at a tailgate!

In this class, we have been discussing war and how people experience war.
I am usually pretty good about staying quiet and letting the young students speak their piece on differing subjects.
Most of their opinions, I shake my head (to myself) and think, "If you only knew in real life..."
Experiencing academia at 32, and watching these kids minds at work is fascinating to me. 
The "kids" I served in the Marine Corps with at 18-23 years old had such different mindsets than the average 18-23 year old college kid. 

Either way, I'm super excited for this semester!
Graduation next summer!!!
I. can. hardly. wait.

My view on my walk to class.
That big dome thing you see behind those trees is our academic building.

Random selfie?
I went out for dinner and drinks with some of my fellow Forest Ridge Elementary moms.
Much needed mom night.
This was my outfit, makeup, hairstyle of choice. lol

Since today is college colors day, our family is reppin' our Ags!

Our nanny had our kids yesterday afternoon for a bit, and sent me this absolutely adorable picture of them on the steps at Evans Library. 
Hopefully, they will spend lots of time in there in the future studying for tests and finals.



  1. This may be a dumb question but does the Corps of Cadets represent a certain branch of service? Or is it a mix of all branches?

  2. The first week of classes is always the most stressful for me.

  3. I love all of the pride you have for your school. And I have to give you credit for not screaming out when people talk about the war. I imagine that is rather hard. LOL.


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