Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Woes Turned Happy

Tuesdays and Thursdays are two of the busiest days of the week for our family.
I dread going to bed on Mondays because Tuesday is lurking around the corner.
Nick leaves for ROTC PT at like 0430-0500(ish), showers and changes on campus, and spends the rest of the day in class until 545 in the evening when his last lab ends.
Then he rushes home (where we barely have time to exchance a quick hello/goodbye), picks up Dannika, and takes her straight to gymnastics by 630 and coaches until 730. 
He's not officially home until 8.

I am up with the kids morning routine, packing lunches, refereeing sibling wars, arguing with a 7 year old who thinks she is 16 about how to do her hair, making breakfast while scarfing down something edible myself.
We are out the door by 725(ish) to drop off the big at school, then Mattis and I head straight for the gym where I get a quick hour of cardio (no time for weights).
I'm home by 915(ish), shower, make myself look presentable, hand off Mattis to our nanny, and I am on campus from 1030 until 1430 (230PM for you non military types).
I grab Dannika from school by 1505 (305PM), relieve our second half of the day nanny (sometime between all this madness, our nannies do a hand off of Mattis....sorta like divorced parents do! haha!).

I mean I can go on and on...my day is just plain exhausting!

But, instead of dreading today, I am choosing to be happy.
Happy that I get to attend my dream college, finally....(14 years in the making)...WHOOP!
Happy that my husband has a job that he loves that allows our family to be a "one income" family.
Happy my kids are healthy.
Happy my kids love each other (most of the time).

Just happy for these small moments...

Like random car selfies after a crazy, busy day...

When they want to wear matching sneaks...

My future Aggie in her Aggie gear...

Random family outings to the Chicken for burgers and live music...
 (Photo of a flag Nick made for them on their wall!)

 When this handsome guy asks me to take a picture of him...

And two of the sweetest Aggie girls who love on our baby every week....

What are you choosing to be happy about today?


  1. I don't know how you manage all the chaos but you are definitely supermom!!!

  2. Whew, you are busy!

    I love the photos! Congrats on attending your dream college!


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