Saturday, October 29, 2016

When Your Husband is Awesome, and Everyone Takes It For Granted

Fall semester here in Aggieland...

It's October 29, and it was 90 degrees at one point today...(not relevant, but I thought I'd just add it).

We have seven Aggie HOME football games this season...

That is seven tailgates...

Seven tailgates that Nick is in charge of setting up and breaking down this semester because he is the President of the Semper Fi Society (not even by choice...but by nomination).
He goes out to Spence Park (where our tailgate is) before everyone else, every home game, and he is always one of the last to leave AFTER every game to break it down.
There is the same group of 6-8 cadets (midshipmen) who ALWAYS help him.

I have gone out to Spence Park a few times on Friday afternoons when people go out to "stake their tailgates".
Nick is the ONLY Marine there most of the time (there's a few that show up "when convenient" to help), along with the same 6-8 midshipmen.
There are six other Marine MECEP'ers in the program....

Even last football season, when another Marine was in charge of all the tailgates, Nick volunteered to take over one of the tailgates from beginning to start.
He set up, BBQ'ed, broke down...
He was praised by everyone that it was one of the best tailgates of the season.
No one has done that for him this semester.

It makes me glad that I am no longer in the Marine Corps, because it is this sort of BS that I don't miss.
We are all one big happy family...oorah..semper fi...we don't leave a Marine behind...but when it comes to things outside of combat or mission...Marines have no problem leaving a Marine behind.....

The price we have to pay for a Marine who gives 200% to everything he does, and always goes out of his way to do the things that no one else wants to do is...

Our time as family suffers.

I've been "ok" at being a super supportive wife to Nick in all his career endeavors.
I can't say I've been totally happy all the time and haven't complained (I complain...hard as it may be to believe).
We are both full time students raising two kids...
We are both involved in our daughter's school...
We have lives outside of school and football...

The excuse that "I'm busy because of my kids" from most of the Marines in the same program as Nick is moot because WE ARE BUSY TOO.
We are busy because of our kids.
And because of our busy schedules...
Our friends have been neglected...
Our marriage has been neglected...
Our kids have been neglected (at times)...(don't be calling CPS...our kids are well fed, clothed, bathed, and thriving)
The man I married does EVERYTHING for EVERYONE with no complaints.

So I am complaining for him today because he is a better human being than me and would never complain.

I keep saying that his work ethic and willing to step up when no one else "volunteers" is going to pay off big time.

And it has.

Anyone else know a Marine who was selected for Gunny in a slow promoting MOS at 9 years time in service?
I sure as hell don't (unless you are on special duty).

  But I'm complaining for him today.

Today, we are playing New Mexico State.
It is not a big game, and we always know that it's a game no one cares about because we always get a crap load of free tickets that are "generously donated to student veterans".
We got donated a bunch of tickets this game.
Ask us how many tickets were donated to the veterans for the Tennessee game or UCLA game?

That's not even an issue though.
As a veteran, I'm used to getting everyone's "leftovers" when they're trying to be nice and generous.

I guess I'm just upset today and needed to vent on my little space in cyberspace...
I didn't get to tailgate or attend the game today because I have two really tough tests next week that I need to study for.
Priorities, right?
I really needed a good 4 hours to study, and I wanted to enjoy my Saturday with my husband after studying watching the game in our air conditioned home that we bought and drink our own beers.
But I didn't get that because he had to go set up his tailgate...and we won't get to enjoy our evening because he will have to drive back to A&M when the game is over (at like 11PM!!!!!!!!!!) to break the tailgate down.

We have missed more church this fall that I care to admit because after an entire day of tailgating and attending a football game...we literally can not get up in the morning to go to church.

I guess I'm just disgruntled today...for Nick.
He does so much for little to no recognition.
I guess in true Marine fashion...that is the epitome of a great leader.

I just wanted him to get to enjoy a tailgate this season without having to stress out about breaking it down and setting it up. 

But we've been married for almost nine years now, and I should be used to this because it is literally the "story of our life".

But I'm not..

The price you pay for marrying such a stud and stellar Marine.... :)

 Here are some happy pics from this weekend that make me feel "not so disgruntled"...

We went to a "pumpkin patch" on Friday so the kids could pick out their pumpkins to carve this weekend.

I did early voting last week!
This election is a mess, but I have too many friends who gave their lives fighting for our country and Nick and I have spent too many times in crappy places around the world to NOT exercise our right to vote.
So I did!

 Anyone else think this giant bow is ridiculous?!?!
I don't!
Everything's bigger in Texas...even our bows!

And here I am...
But hey...wearing maroon!


Sunday, October 23, 2016

TAMU Marine Corps Birthday Ball

One of my favorite things about being a Marine/Marine wife is our annual Marine Corps birthday celebration.
As a student veteran, I've gotten to meet some pretty amazing veterans from ALL branches of service.
I have nothing but utmost respect for all of them. 
Anyone who chooses to serve our country deserves respect in my book!
I have yet to meet a veteran from the Army, Navy, or Air Force talk about how amazing their birthday celebrations are.
In fact, while hanging out at the Veterans Resource Center on campus a few weeks ago, I asked veterans from each branch of service to tell me off the top of their head what day was their branch of service's birthday was.
NONE of them could tell Navy guy did, but only because I told him happy belated which he told me it was not his birthday.
I told him it was the Navy's birthday the day prior, and he looked surprised.
EVERY. SINGLE. Marine said in unison, "November 10, 1775 devil dog!"
Other branches hate us, and like to talk smack about us.
But the truth is, we are such a different breed of one will ever "get us" unless they get on the "inside".

And our dress blue uniform is BY FAR, the sexiest uniform out there.
I have yet to meet a solider, seaman, or airman disagree with that.
I have met people from different branches who we always have friendly banter with about "who is the more 'superior' branch of service", but at the end of every argument...when a Marine says...
"Our dress uniforms are better..."

The argument ends...the Marines win.
No one ever argues that point.

The Marine Corps birthday is actually November 10th, but units and organizations celebrate it according to where it fits their schedules. 
The Texas A&M Naval ROTC held their Marine Corps birthday/Navy birthday ball this weekend.

It was held at the College Station Hilton, and Nick and I had an absolute blast!

the 2016-2017 Marine Corps MECEP students.
Pretty much the best looking group of Marines out of every University in the U.S.

The two Gunnys....
Nick and GySgt Anderson.
GySgt Adnerson is one of the Assistant Marine Officers Instructors at A&M.

Nick and Chris.
Chris is a senior at A&M (obviously by his boots), and he is a Marine Officer Contract!
He'll graduate next May and commission.
There is a pretty good possibility that he and Nick will go to TBS together.
(he also has a very lovely fiancé)

 Nick and Sgt Johnson

Nick and I collect challenge coins, and I was pretty excited to add a new one to our collection from the ball last night!
I think it is my new favorite one.

From L to R: Regina, me, Mary, and Jill...
Regina is a friend of Jill, Mary is the wife of the Colonel who was the professor of Naval Science before Jill's husband, and Jill is the wife of Colonel Bright, the current professor of Naval Science!

The cake!
Members of the Aggie Corps of Cadets get to wear these boots when they become a senior.
They're a huge deal, and we have lots of former Aggie friends who have them encased in glass and on display in their homes!

Nick and some of the cadets.
These young handsome dudes will be Marine Officers once they graduate (Lord help us! lol).

We had such a great time at the ball, and thank you to everyone who complimented Nick and me!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Quick Thoughts

Dannika has some viral thing going around her school, so shes been home for two days now.
Those who know me hate when my routine is broken, and her being sick has put a wrench in it.
(I am a creature of habit, routines, and schedules...blame it all on the Marine Corps)
Those who know me know that if I miss a workout, I get extremely irritable, cranky, and unpleasant.
I didn't get to go to the gym today because Dannika is sick.

Then I remembered a friend of mine (who is an athlete) post on Facebook a while ago about how hard it was for him to take a "rest day" from working out.
I remember him saying how he literally had to fight the urge to go to the gym (guilty!).
But he wrote about how as an athlete, rest days are imperative in order to get stronger, faster, better.
Remembering that Facebook post from a while back help me find my center, and relax a little about missing ONE day. 
('s gonna be ok)

It also made me realize how much I rely on the gym for my day to anxiety, stress, and overall well-being.
While the gym can be a great thing, it can also control you.
This is not something that I like about myself.
I sometimes plan my entire day around my gym time....not good.
Today reminded me that I need to rely more on God for things like my anxiety, stress, and overall well-being, and allow my gym time to be a supplement to that.

Dannika is missing picture day today, and I think I am more sad about that than she is.
I love cheesy school photos.
I'm pretty sure they'll do a make-up day.

Other than that, life is just peachy!
Our Marine Corps ball is this weekend, and I am really excited for it!

Happy Thursday, y'all!


Monday, October 17, 2016

"I Didn't Ask For This Life..."

"I didn't ask for this life..."

I hear this phrase pretty regularly among military spouses.
I don't hear it when things are fun though.

Military life does have its' perks.
The traveling, the adventure, the fancy balls, etc.

But military life can be taxing and draining, and when things get rough (which they ALWAYS do), people complain.

I am guilty of it, and I find myself complaining more than I should,
Afterall, I should know better than the average spouse.
I'm not the typical military spouse.
I have actually been in my husband's shoes, and spent the majority of my adult life so far as an active duty Marine.
But I still find myself being just as "understanding" about how demanding this life can be as every other military spouse.
We are in this together, y'all!

It hit me today that in two years, I would be leaving my home state, my hometown, and everything I love about Texas.
I am a die hard Texas girl, and I am one of "those people" who believes that the world revolves around all things Texas and all things Aggies.
Everyone has that special place they love, and for me it's College my hometown...

Nick and I always talk about retiring here in College Station, but who knows, right?
We will retire from the Marine Corps wherever Nick can find a decent, low-key Texas.
We are retiring in Texas...that is a non-negotiable.

There are times I daydream about me living here in College Station alone with my kids until Nick retires (in TEN years).
We have many friends who have wives and children who live in one spot while they serve around the globe.
Personally, though, I could never do that to Nick or my kids.
When I married Nick, I chose to be by his side through it all.
I can't imagine raising my kids for 10 years without their father under the same roof as them.

So today...
Instead of being sad about having to move, I chose to think of the positives.

I love this life...(I really do)....

We have dreams of being stationed overseas as a family in the tropical island of Okinawa, Japan, or back in sunny southern California back in Orange County or San Diego.
I can't help but think how amazingly well rounded our kids will be.
In fact, I have met several midshipmen in the Corps of Cadets here at A&M who are military brats, and I am interning with a military brat.....
They are seriously some of the most mature, well rounded, professional, and level minded people I have met.
They stand out among their peers of the "typical 20 year old" in college.
It gives me a great sense of relief that my kids will be that well rounded and amazing.
They're already pretty amazing, but I can only imagine how this life can transform them into amazing humans who appreciate America and all that it stands for.

I dream about the day when Nick retires, and we can settle down and build our own home from the ground up.
I have had plans drawn up (in my head) for years now with the title of "the Romer family forever home".
But I am totally ok with not having a "forever home" until we are done adventuring around the world and meeting amazing people along the way.

This is the life God chose for me, and I am choosing to spread His glory wherever He made send us.
I consider myself pretty darn lucky that God chose me to live this life of adventure and chaos!

This weekend was Dannika's school's Fall Fest.
It's their biggest and only fundraiser of the year!
I love it because after this, I don't have to deal with Dannika coming home with wrapping paper asking me to sell it for her school!
Nick donated a Bell's Old Glory Shop Flag for auction, and it did SO much better than we imagined!

Early morning walks to school...

 This sexy man is "homeroom dad'ing" and helping out for Fall Fest!

They had a karaoke section at the Fall Fest, and I was completely in shock to see Dannika rocking out Katy Perry on stage in front of a huge crowd! (She sang Roar, and that cast is a fake)

Dannika and her friends!

 Nick and I bid on this football signed by Coach Sumlin (the head football coach for the Aggies).
It is the most expensive football I have ever purchased....
I'm sure we could have gotten one for free by chasing the man down on campus, but it was just neat to be able to donate to Dannika's school (that we LOVE).
We will cherish this forever, and I am excited to display it in every home that the Marine Corps sends us to.
It'll be such a great conversation piece among people all over the world who have no idea what "Aggie culture" is.
 Just for perspective...
This football helmet signed by the entire Aggie football team auctioned off for $2000!!!!!!

 Afterwards, we went next door the celebrat our neighbor's (Greg) 32nd birthday with his family!
These are the people that make it so hard to think about having to move...

After ALLLLL of that, we managed to make it to church on Sunday...

My bookworm
This girl loves to read.
At our recent parent/teacher conference, we were told she is at a 4th grade reading level (possible higher, but they haven't tested her higher), and she is excelling in school.
My inner Korean mom is bursting with pride.

Hope y'all have an amazing week!
Make every day count, and make every thing worthwhile!

"I Didn

"I didn

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hi, It's Me...the Flake

Today has been overall "not the greatest" day.
I am making an effort to say "not the greatest day" instead of things like "crappy day", "bad day", "horrible day", "worst day of my life", etc.
I truly believe that every day is a blessing and a gift from God.
I also understand that it can be taken away from me in an instant.
I had a conflict with a friend, made a less than stellar grade on an exam, and got a condescending email from a professor about something absolutely ridiculous.

So, today could have been better, but I am going to choose to be grateful for it.

I started my day realizing that Dannika's school's fundraiser (the only fundraiser they do) was this weekend.
They do a huge fall fest, and I am involved with it.
I volunteered my time at the very beginning of the school year for this specific event, and it is something that many people are counting on me to be at.
In fact, Nick has even gotten some of his Semper Fi Society midshipmen to volunteer their time on Saturday for this event.
It's a huge event.
I also made plans several weeks ago to go up to Dallas this weekend to visit a friend and go to the state fair together (and celebrate her birthday).
I had told Nick at the beginning of the Fall semester that I wanted to take some family trips this Fall around Texas...since this may be our last Fall here as a family.
So it felt like a perfect weekend when I agreed to make the plans to make a trip since it was an away game for us.
Do y'all see the conflict here?
I have a habit of over committing myself to people and things, and it's a habit I have been unsuccessfully trying to break.
This semester has been the worst.
I plan things, and flake due to things like...
"I am so sorry I can't make it, but I really need to study for my tests."
"I am so sorry I can't make it, but I haven't seen my kids or husband all week, so I am spending time as a family."
"I've had 3 busy weekends in a row, I REALLY need to fold this ten loads of laundry in my room." (ten is not even an exaggeration)

I just have so much going on, and not enough days or time to do it all...although I'd like to.
Home games are busy for not only our family, but this entire city it feels like.
Nick is President of the Semper Fi Society of A&M this year, which means the responsibility of the SFS tailgate sits on him.
We do our best to support Nick, so our family is at every single tailgate.
I wasn't anticipating how busy our fall schedules were going to be either.
Between interning, classes, kids, marriage, LIFE, and Nick's obligations to NROTC and SFS, our family has been spread thin.

When I realized that Dannika's fall fest was this weekend, I gasped, and could not believe it had snuck up on us so fast.
 I immediately messaged my friend to let her know that I could not make it.
I felt horrible about it, but I had hoped that as a busy mom and business owner, she'd understand that "life happens" and things come up.

I ended up being called a flake and I felt like I had ruined someone's birthday. 
I felt like I was scolded about how "my actions affect other people". 

I felt even worse for letting her and her daughter down.

My actions DO affect other people, but other people's reactions also affect other people. 
I've sat here feeling bad all day, and even confided in my best friend and husband.
I just wanted a little sympathy...which I received.
So I feel better.
Will she read this? 
Maybe not.
If she does, I hope she forgives me, like I asked.
I pray she can be understanding.
But I'm ready for tomorrow.
 I wasn't in the mood to do homework or read when I got home, so I decided to take my kids to our neighborhood park.

I haven't done that in a while, and although it was muggy, I had fun watching the kids have fun...

Just a photo I snapped of Kyle Field today on my way to my car from class.
It's hard to believe that just 3 days ago, there were 106,000 people here, and today it looks like this....

I hope everyone is have a blessed week!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Six and Oh

Did y'all hear?
We BTHO the Tennessee Vols in double overtime!
It was seriously one of the most exciting games I have seen the Aggies play in a LONG time.
If you know anything about college football (and specifically the Aggies), we have not been 6-0 since 1994.
1994, Y'ALL!
Not only that, but ESPN's College Game Day decided to do their show in Aggieland for the big SEC Top 10 match up.
Historically, the Aggies have lost every game when College Game Day has hosted at A&M, and they have lost every away game that a College Game Day ever hosted it.
Some call it the College Game Day curse, and many die hard fans were convinced that we were cursed. 
But, we pulled it off for a BIG win!

Nick (with the Semper Fi Society) paired up with the Student Veterans Association and set up a HUGE tailgate for this game.
We knew it was a big game, and we'd have a huge turn out.
The game started 2:30, but we were on campus bright and early by 9!

Mattis on the famous War Hymn statue.

I believe Mattis is the reason why we broke "the College Game Day curse"...

Here's something fun...
I have had MANY classes with many of the famous starting football players on the team.
But nothing has beat being able to tailgate and hang out with THE General Paxton!!
General Paxton recently retired (like literally a month ago), and he held the billet of the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.
He was the second in command of the ENTIRE Marine Corps!
I have always said that if I meet my favorite celebrity, I wouldn't fan girl out and be all stupid.
I don't think I was stupid, but I totally fangirled out.
I asked for a photo, and talked with his sweet wife, and got to chat with him briefly before he was swept away by the rest of the eager Marines wanting a minute of his time.
I was more "starstruck" meeting him than any ole' football player.
He was the reviewing Officer for the Corps of Cadets as they marched onto the field.

Of course our sweet and gorgeous nanny came by our tailgate to say hi (and "Gig 'em!")

Our nanny's fam and our fam...
Family photo!

We love our Aggie Marine option midshipmen!

Tired little tailgater...

We came home to watch the game...the most exhilarating game ever....

And there's General Paxton throwin' up his "gig 'em" with our Aggie yell leaders and the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets (General Ramirez)!
General Paxton graduated from Cornell, but I'm pretty sure after this weekend, he's an Aggie.

We had such a blast this weekend, and the Aggie win to top it off was the icing on the cake!

As excited as I am that we won, I am more proud to be an Aggie because of who we (Aggies) are...
I posted this on facebook...

"Walked around spence park today with Mattis and just checking out everyone's tailgates. Some Tennessee fans were trying to take a selfie in front of the war hymn statue. I offered to take the photo for them and chatted briefly. It was their first time here in TX. I told them welcome to Aggieland! I hope y'all have a great time and swing by our tailgate for food and beer! To which they both replied, "I can not believe how friendly everyone is here! This has been the best away gameday experience for us!"
Win or lose a football game, we always win halftime and always win hospitality."
Every single home game we have been to, all the fans of the opposing team visiting us always make it a point to tell us how friendly we are.
I love it.
I love that we can all enjoy a game and be good sportsman.
This is why I love the Aggies, and why I am proud to be an Aggie.

Thanks, and Gig 'Em!