Monday, October 17, 2016

"I Didn't Ask For This Life..."

"I didn't ask for this life..."

I hear this phrase pretty regularly among military spouses.
I don't hear it when things are fun though.

Military life does have its' perks.
The traveling, the adventure, the fancy balls, etc.

But military life can be taxing and draining, and when things get rough (which they ALWAYS do), people complain.

I am guilty of it, and I find myself complaining more than I should,
Afterall, I should know better than the average spouse.
I'm not the typical military spouse.
I have actually been in my husband's shoes, and spent the majority of my adult life so far as an active duty Marine.
But I still find myself being just as "understanding" about how demanding this life can be as every other military spouse.
We are in this together, y'all!

It hit me today that in two years, I would be leaving my home state, my hometown, and everything I love about Texas.
I am a die hard Texas girl, and I am one of "those people" who believes that the world revolves around all things Texas and all things Aggies.
Everyone has that special place they love, and for me it's College my hometown...

Nick and I always talk about retiring here in College Station, but who knows, right?
We will retire from the Marine Corps wherever Nick can find a decent, low-key Texas.
We are retiring in Texas...that is a non-negotiable.

There are times I daydream about me living here in College Station alone with my kids until Nick retires (in TEN years).
We have many friends who have wives and children who live in one spot while they serve around the globe.
Personally, though, I could never do that to Nick or my kids.
When I married Nick, I chose to be by his side through it all.
I can't imagine raising my kids for 10 years without their father under the same roof as them.

So today...
Instead of being sad about having to move, I chose to think of the positives.

I love this life...(I really do)....

We have dreams of being stationed overseas as a family in the tropical island of Okinawa, Japan, or back in sunny southern California back in Orange County or San Diego.
I can't help but think how amazingly well rounded our kids will be.
In fact, I have met several midshipmen in the Corps of Cadets here at A&M who are military brats, and I am interning with a military brat.....
They are seriously some of the most mature, well rounded, professional, and level minded people I have met.
They stand out among their peers of the "typical 20 year old" in college.
It gives me a great sense of relief that my kids will be that well rounded and amazing.
They're already pretty amazing, but I can only imagine how this life can transform them into amazing humans who appreciate America and all that it stands for.

I dream about the day when Nick retires, and we can settle down and build our own home from the ground up.
I have had plans drawn up (in my head) for years now with the title of "the Romer family forever home".
But I am totally ok with not having a "forever home" until we are done adventuring around the world and meeting amazing people along the way.

This is the life God chose for me, and I am choosing to spread His glory wherever He made send us.
I consider myself pretty darn lucky that God chose me to live this life of adventure and chaos!

This weekend was Dannika's school's Fall Fest.
It's their biggest and only fundraiser of the year!
I love it because after this, I don't have to deal with Dannika coming home with wrapping paper asking me to sell it for her school!
Nick donated a Bell's Old Glory Shop Flag for auction, and it did SO much better than we imagined!

Early morning walks to school...

 This sexy man is "homeroom dad'ing" and helping out for Fall Fest!

They had a karaoke section at the Fall Fest, and I was completely in shock to see Dannika rocking out Katy Perry on stage in front of a huge crowd! (She sang Roar, and that cast is a fake)

Dannika and her friends!

 Nick and I bid on this football signed by Coach Sumlin (the head football coach for the Aggies).
It is the most expensive football I have ever purchased....
I'm sure we could have gotten one for free by chasing the man down on campus, but it was just neat to be able to donate to Dannika's school (that we LOVE).
We will cherish this forever, and I am excited to display it in every home that the Marine Corps sends us to.
It'll be such a great conversation piece among people all over the world who have no idea what "Aggie culture" is.
 Just for perspective...
This football helmet signed by the entire Aggie football team auctioned off for $2000!!!!!!

 Afterwards, we went next door the celebrat our neighbor's (Greg) 32nd birthday with his family!
These are the people that make it so hard to think about having to move...

After ALLLLL of that, we managed to make it to church on Sunday...

My bookworm
This girl loves to read.
At our recent parent/teacher conference, we were told she is at a 4th grade reading level (possible higher, but they haven't tested her higher), and she is excelling in school.
My inner Korean mom is bursting with pride.

Hope y'all have an amazing week!
Make every day count, and make every thing worthwhile!


  1. Hana, I SOOO needed this post today (well, the first half-- although the part about your Aggie football is pretty cool too!) I'm definitely struggling today after yet another job rejection for being a military spouse (key words: "we want someone who can grow with the company.") "This is the life God chose for me." It reminds me of the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11.... and the verse Philippians 4:11.

  2. I'm a fellow Texan, and while my visions of retirement are in Lubbock instead of College Station, I know what you mean about how the world revolves around Texas. Haha! We moved to Tennessee this summer and I said more than once, "God wants me in Texas!" It's been a rrrrrrough transition. I do believe that Texas is where I belong, just not now. You seem grounded and strong, so I have no doubt that when you move away, you'll handle it with grace. (Something I cannot say for myself.)

  3. Yes!!! I love this post! I wish military spouses focused on the positives!

  4. Such a great post! I firmly believe you have to focus on the positives. Especially in this life.

  5. Well done, as always! I would have bid on Nick's flag - you two are such a blessing to Dannika's school.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Well done, as always! I would have bid on Nick's flag - you two are such a blessing to Dannika's school.
    Keep up the good work.


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