Monday, October 10, 2016

Six and Oh

Did y'all hear?
We BTHO the Tennessee Vols in double overtime!
It was seriously one of the most exciting games I have seen the Aggies play in a LONG time.
If you know anything about college football (and specifically the Aggies), we have not been 6-0 since 1994.
1994, Y'ALL!
Not only that, but ESPN's College Game Day decided to do their show in Aggieland for the big SEC Top 10 match up.
Historically, the Aggies have lost every game when College Game Day has hosted at A&M, and they have lost every away game that a College Game Day ever hosted it.
Some call it the College Game Day curse, and many die hard fans were convinced that we were cursed. 
But, we pulled it off for a BIG win!

Nick (with the Semper Fi Society) paired up with the Student Veterans Association and set up a HUGE tailgate for this game.
We knew it was a big game, and we'd have a huge turn out.
The game started 2:30, but we were on campus bright and early by 9!

Mattis on the famous War Hymn statue.

I believe Mattis is the reason why we broke "the College Game Day curse"...

Here's something fun...
I have had MANY classes with many of the famous starting football players on the team.
But nothing has beat being able to tailgate and hang out with THE General Paxton!!
General Paxton recently retired (like literally a month ago), and he held the billet of the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.
He was the second in command of the ENTIRE Marine Corps!
I have always said that if I meet my favorite celebrity, I wouldn't fan girl out and be all stupid.
I don't think I was stupid, but I totally fangirled out.
I asked for a photo, and talked with his sweet wife, and got to chat with him briefly before he was swept away by the rest of the eager Marines wanting a minute of his time.
I was more "starstruck" meeting him than any ole' football player.
He was the reviewing Officer for the Corps of Cadets as they marched onto the field.

Of course our sweet and gorgeous nanny came by our tailgate to say hi (and "Gig 'em!")

Our nanny's fam and our fam...
Family photo!

We love our Aggie Marine option midshipmen!

Tired little tailgater...

We came home to watch the game...the most exhilarating game ever....

And there's General Paxton throwin' up his "gig 'em" with our Aggie yell leaders and the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets (General Ramirez)!
General Paxton graduated from Cornell, but I'm pretty sure after this weekend, he's an Aggie.

We had such a blast this weekend, and the Aggie win to top it off was the icing on the cake!

As excited as I am that we won, I am more proud to be an Aggie because of who we (Aggies) are...
I posted this on facebook...

"Walked around spence park today with Mattis and just checking out everyone's tailgates. Some Tennessee fans were trying to take a selfie in front of the war hymn statue. I offered to take the photo for them and chatted briefly. It was their first time here in TX. I told them welcome to Aggieland! I hope y'all have a great time and swing by our tailgate for food and beer! To which they both replied, "I can not believe how friendly everyone is here! This has been the best away gameday experience for us!"
Win or lose a football game, we always win halftime and always win hospitality."
Every single home game we have been to, all the fans of the opposing team visiting us always make it a point to tell us how friendly we are.
I love it.
I love that we can all enjoy a game and be good sportsman.
This is why I love the Aggies, and why I am proud to be an Aggie.

Thanks, and Gig 'Em!


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