Sunday, October 23, 2016

TAMU Marine Corps Birthday Ball

One of my favorite things about being a Marine/Marine wife is our annual Marine Corps birthday celebration.
As a student veteran, I've gotten to meet some pretty amazing veterans from ALL branches of service.
I have nothing but utmost respect for all of them. 
Anyone who chooses to serve our country deserves respect in my book!
I have yet to meet a veteran from the Army, Navy, or Air Force talk about how amazing their birthday celebrations are.
In fact, while hanging out at the Veterans Resource Center on campus a few weeks ago, I asked veterans from each branch of service to tell me off the top of their head what day was their branch of service's birthday was.
NONE of them could tell Navy guy did, but only because I told him happy belated which he told me it was not his birthday.
I told him it was the Navy's birthday the day prior, and he looked surprised.
EVERY. SINGLE. Marine said in unison, "November 10, 1775 devil dog!"
Other branches hate us, and like to talk smack about us.
But the truth is, we are such a different breed of one will ever "get us" unless they get on the "inside".

And our dress blue uniform is BY FAR, the sexiest uniform out there.
I have yet to meet a solider, seaman, or airman disagree with that.
I have met people from different branches who we always have friendly banter with about "who is the more 'superior' branch of service", but at the end of every argument...when a Marine says...
"Our dress uniforms are better..."

The argument ends...the Marines win.
No one ever argues that point.

The Marine Corps birthday is actually November 10th, but units and organizations celebrate it according to where it fits their schedules. 
The Texas A&M Naval ROTC held their Marine Corps birthday/Navy birthday ball this weekend.

It was held at the College Station Hilton, and Nick and I had an absolute blast!

the 2016-2017 Marine Corps MECEP students.
Pretty much the best looking group of Marines out of every University in the U.S.

The two Gunnys....
Nick and GySgt Anderson.
GySgt Adnerson is one of the Assistant Marine Officers Instructors at A&M.

Nick and Chris.
Chris is a senior at A&M (obviously by his boots), and he is a Marine Officer Contract!
He'll graduate next May and commission.
There is a pretty good possibility that he and Nick will go to TBS together.
(he also has a very lovely fiancé)

 Nick and Sgt Johnson

Nick and I collect challenge coins, and I was pretty excited to add a new one to our collection from the ball last night!
I think it is my new favorite one.

From L to R: Regina, me, Mary, and Jill...
Regina is a friend of Jill, Mary is the wife of the Colonel who was the professor of Naval Science before Jill's husband, and Jill is the wife of Colonel Bright, the current professor of Naval Science!

The cake!
Members of the Aggie Corps of Cadets get to wear these boots when they become a senior.
They're a huge deal, and we have lots of former Aggie friends who have them encased in glass and on display in their homes!

Nick and some of the cadets.
These young handsome dudes will be Marine Officers once they graduate (Lord help us! lol).

We had such a great time at the ball, and thank you to everyone who complimented Nick and me!


  1. I love your dress! Glad you had a great time.

  2. You look beautiful! I am so glad you had a good time. :)

  3. Looks like you had a blast! I can only remember the Army's birthday because it's 2 days after my wedding anniversary; meanwhile my husband sometimes thinks we got married on June 14 instead of June 12 for the same reason. Haha!!!

  4. Wow, loved these details about TAMU Marine Corps Birthday Ball. I truly liked the photos here. Anyways, I too would be booking one of the venues in Chicago for my husband’s camo themed 35th birthday. It is quite a special theme for him as he has served in the army. Can’t wait.


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