Saturday, October 29, 2016

When Your Husband is Awesome, and Everyone Takes It For Granted

Fall semester here in Aggieland...

It's October 29, and it was 90 degrees at one point today...(not relevant, but I thought I'd just add it).

We have seven Aggie HOME football games this season...

That is seven tailgates...

Seven tailgates that Nick is in charge of setting up and breaking down this semester because he is the President of the Semper Fi Society (not even by choice...but by nomination).
He goes out to Spence Park (where our tailgate is) before everyone else, every home game, and he is always one of the last to leave AFTER every game to break it down.
There is the same group of 6-8 cadets (midshipmen) who ALWAYS help him.

I have gone out to Spence Park a few times on Friday afternoons when people go out to "stake their tailgates".
Nick is the ONLY Marine there most of the time (there's a few that show up "when convenient" to help), along with the same 6-8 midshipmen.
There are six other Marine MECEP'ers in the program....

Even last football season, when another Marine was in charge of all the tailgates, Nick volunteered to take over one of the tailgates from beginning to start.
He set up, BBQ'ed, broke down...
He was praised by everyone that it was one of the best tailgates of the season.
No one has done that for him this semester.

It makes me glad that I am no longer in the Marine Corps, because it is this sort of BS that I don't miss.
We are all one big happy family...oorah..semper fi...we don't leave a Marine behind...but when it comes to things outside of combat or mission...Marines have no problem leaving a Marine behind.....

The price we have to pay for a Marine who gives 200% to everything he does, and always goes out of his way to do the things that no one else wants to do is...

Our time as family suffers.

I've been "ok" at being a super supportive wife to Nick in all his career endeavors.
I can't say I've been totally happy all the time and haven't complained (I complain...hard as it may be to believe).
We are both full time students raising two kids...
We are both involved in our daughter's school...
We have lives outside of school and football...

The excuse that "I'm busy because of my kids" from most of the Marines in the same program as Nick is moot because WE ARE BUSY TOO.
We are busy because of our kids.
And because of our busy schedules...
Our friends have been neglected...
Our marriage has been neglected...
Our kids have been neglected (at times)...(don't be calling CPS...our kids are well fed, clothed, bathed, and thriving)
The man I married does EVERYTHING for EVERYONE with no complaints.

So I am complaining for him today because he is a better human being than me and would never complain.

I keep saying that his work ethic and willing to step up when no one else "volunteers" is going to pay off big time.

And it has.

Anyone else know a Marine who was selected for Gunny in a slow promoting MOS at 9 years time in service?
I sure as hell don't (unless you are on special duty).

  But I'm complaining for him today.

Today, we are playing New Mexico State.
It is not a big game, and we always know that it's a game no one cares about because we always get a crap load of free tickets that are "generously donated to student veterans".
We got donated a bunch of tickets this game.
Ask us how many tickets were donated to the veterans for the Tennessee game or UCLA game?

That's not even an issue though.
As a veteran, I'm used to getting everyone's "leftovers" when they're trying to be nice and generous.

I guess I'm just upset today and needed to vent on my little space in cyberspace...
I didn't get to tailgate or attend the game today because I have two really tough tests next week that I need to study for.
Priorities, right?
I really needed a good 4 hours to study, and I wanted to enjoy my Saturday with my husband after studying watching the game in our air conditioned home that we bought and drink our own beers.
But I didn't get that because he had to go set up his tailgate...and we won't get to enjoy our evening because he will have to drive back to A&M when the game is over (at like 11PM!!!!!!!!!!) to break the tailgate down.

We have missed more church this fall that I care to admit because after an entire day of tailgating and attending a football game...we literally can not get up in the morning to go to church.

I guess I'm just disgruntled today...for Nick.
He does so much for little to no recognition.
I guess in true Marine fashion...that is the epitome of a great leader.

I just wanted him to get to enjoy a tailgate this season without having to stress out about breaking it down and setting it up. 

But we've been married for almost nine years now, and I should be used to this because it is literally the "story of our life".

But I'm not..

The price you pay for marrying such a stud and stellar Marine.... :)

 Here are some happy pics from this weekend that make me feel "not so disgruntled"...

We went to a "pumpkin patch" on Friday so the kids could pick out their pumpkins to carve this weekend.

I did early voting last week!
This election is a mess, but I have too many friends who gave their lives fighting for our country and Nick and I have spent too many times in crappy places around the world to NOT exercise our right to vote.
So I did!

 Anyone else think this giant bow is ridiculous?!?!
I don't!
Everything's bigger in Texas...even our bows!

And here I am...
But hey...wearing maroon!


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  1. Ugh I'm so sorry that no one is appreciating Nick's work for the tailgates. I'm sure they are wonderful!


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