Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Did Someone Say Election? I Said Ring Day!

Anyone else tired of election talk?
Me too.

So let's talk about something way more exciting!
Last Friday, Nick got his Fightin' Texas Aggie ring!

Nick will be the first in his family to graduate from college (which automatically makes him the first Aggie in his family)!
When we first met, Nick told me in these words, "I'm not good at school. I suck at school. I'm not meant for college. That's why I joined the Marine Corps. I'm good at being a Marine. It's the first thing I've truly been good at."
He didn't graduate on time with his class because he failed math, and had to retake it in summer school.
He once mentioned that it was embarrassing and he felt a sense of missing out on something big because he didn't get to walk the stage at his high school graduation.
He had a high school counselor pretty much tell him he wouldn't amount to anything.
Fast forward to fifteen years later...
Nick has been in the Marine Corps 15 years, fought in wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, trained in Japan, sat on a Navy boat in the middle of the ocean for months, eloped with me in Vegas, had two beautiful kids, lived in 5 different homes and 3 different states...and he isn't anywhere near done.
Oh, and he pulled a little 4.0 last semester...
The guy who didn't graduate from high school on time because of his grades pulled a 4.0 at a major university! 

His Aggie ring is truly earned, and really means something special to a guy who used to think that he "sucked at school". 

Here are some photos from his Ring Day!

I got to present his ring to him!

Look at that bling!

The best academic advisor at all of TAMU!
Thanks for coming out and being a part of Nick's special day!

This ring is better than any lame high school graduation.

"Does this ring make me look like an Aggie?"

Congrats Nick!
So proud of you and all that you have accomplished!
I love seeing you succeed and seeing you live your dreams!


  1. Yay!!!! That's so exciting for Nick!!! My husband has a similar story-- dropped out of high school, took a test (not a GED) to get his diploma so he could join the Army, and then last semester he took his first college class. I was so proud when he made a A in the class!

  2. What a wonderful accomplishment!!! I am really excited for him. :)


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