Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Was It Halloween?

Halloween on a Monday is just the most absurd thing I have ever heard of.
Someone in the universe was out to play a mean joke on parents and teachers everywhere.

I also have two tests this week on Thursday...two hard tests.
(Do professors not know that some of us have children that need to go trick-or-treating this week?! oh wait....I'm like less than 1%)
I skipped out on my first ever home game tailgate this weekend to study (seriously). 
I studied 3 hours on Saturday, about an hour and a half on Sunday...
I woke up at 3AM on Halloween to study for 3 hours because I knew with Dannika's class Fall party on top of trick-or-treating, I would not get much studying done (although I did manage to get a few hours of studying between Dannika coming home from school and getting dressed for trick-or-treating). 
I went to bed last night at 9 after coming home from taking the kids trick-or-treating (and socializing with our awesome neighbors), and went straight to bed.
I was up again this morning at 3AM....to study....
I studied for another 2 hours after I came home after picking up D from school.

I have been studying in the car rider line in the afternoons to pick up D from school...
I freaking had a dream last night about a modge podge of military war & society and demography (not very exciting dreams).

I'm stressed out about these two tests (if you can't tell).

Today...I am delirious.

There is not enough Spark that can get me out of this deliriously tired funk.
I zoned out in my car while driving home from class today. 
When I "came to", I couldn't believe that I had almost made it to D's school to pick her up.
I am tired.
I feel drunk...but without alcohol.
Thursday can't come soon enough.
I've also been a cranky B word at home because of my lack of sleep, deliriousness, and stressfulness.
(sorry, family!) 
I am blogging right now and rambling because I am so tired of studying, but need some sort of mental stimulation outside of a textbook.

So, instead of letting y'all read on and on about how tired I am (and if you're read this far without scrolling through to just see the pictures...KUDOS TO YOU!)....

Here are some photos from our Halloween this year...

On Sunday, we took the kids to the George Bush Library for their annual "Night at the museum".
The museum is open to the public for free, and they have people throughout the museum at the different exhibits passing out candy.
Since we are in Texas (and it still feels like summer), it was nice to be trick-or-treating in the A/C!

The kids had to have a pic in front of the tank...

Oh, just trick-or-treating in the oval office....

Mattis wanted to be a dinosaur.
I gave him two choices of dino costimes, and this is the one he chose...
He was a HIT!

We also headed to our local "Habitat for Humanity" pumpkin patch on Friday!

Dannika's "jack-o-lantern" oatmeal on Halloween!

D's school had "storybook character day" on Halloween.
She dressed up as the newest Disney character, Moana.
The movie is not out yet, but she finished the chapter book this past weekend.
From what she tells me about the book, it's a cute story, and she is SO excited to watch it on the big screen now that she has finished the book! 
Her costume was a last minute find on...
Moana has typical Hawaiian girl hair...super curly and BIG.
I french braided D's hair the night before, and let it loose the next morning.
The curls held up all day!

3 BFFs...
"Amelia Bedelia", "Moana", and "Thing 2"

D..I mean...Super Girl, my very well deserved pinot grigio, and me!

My babies!

The girls on our Cul de Sac!

The boys...

Master Chief (from the game Halo), and Boba Fett (my husband).
Nick made his costume...to include that helmet!
He made it completely from scratch!!!!!!

Mattis and his awesome "trick-or-treating" helper for the night!

A friend of ours on our street pulled the kids around the neighborhood on a hayride!
The kids had an absolute blast!

It's sad for me to think that this may be our last Halloween on our street as a family.
I'll still be here next year, but Nick will be gone.
It was definitely memorable and one for the books!
We BBQ'ed afterwards, and if it weren't a Monday, we would have stayed out all night!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
I have really enjoyed seeing all y'alls Halloween photos on social media of you and your adorable kids in costume!


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  2. Lots of luck on Thursday!The kid pictures (including the big kid) are great. Trick or treating might be the best use for the Oval Office right now.

  3. I was bummed that they didn't move trick or treating to Saturday, it would have made much more sense.

  4. You go mama. You are seriously an inspiration. Good luck on your test. I am sure you will nail it! Also.. love the Halloween costumes!


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