Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Blog of 2017

It's crazy how fast this year has flown by. The saying that "time flies when you're having fun" is something I can stand behind this year. My 2016 was awesome. I've seen a lot of stuff on my newsfeed lately from friends and family posting about how they are glad 2016 is over, and how 2016 sucked, and how 2016 was a horrible year, and blah blah blah blah blah. Come on, folks! Do we really need ANY more negativity in our lives? My 2016 wasn't perfect. There's a lot of things I wish I would have done more of like spend less time on school and more time with my kids. Or go out of my way more to see friends. But that didn't happen, and I am ok with that. Here is a look back at all the wonderful things that our family did in 2016.

In January, Dannika had a random act of kindness project do for school.
She chose to take hot coffee to our local police department on a chilly, rainy day.

In February, Dannika and Nick went to their very first daddy/daughter dance.

March was exciting!
Our family went to Nashville to meet the newest member of our family, my niece Lulu (short of Lucia).

I celebrated turning 32 and fab...

And a birthday present from my hubby to me!

In April...
Dannika got to model and be part of a really cool ad campaign for the Texas A&M foundation.
Her photo made the cut, and can be seen on their website right here

We celebrated easter with a HUGE cul de sac Easter egg hunt!

In May, Nick and I celebrated 8 years of marriage!

In June, Dannika had her 7th birthday party!
A pedicure party with all of her friends!

In July...
Dannika went to summer camp for the first time at Camp Carolina Creek!

But most importantly...
This guy won yard of the month! lol

August was another fun month!

We went to the lake house on Lake Conroe with our next door neighbors and met up with a friend we hadn't seen in over five years!

This sweet girl started second grade!

And this big boy turned THREE!

September kicked off Aggie football season!
Lots of tailgates and football games!

We celebrated the Marine Corps' birthday in October!

In November, Nick got his Aggie ring and dunked it at Chicken!

And this month, we celebrated the birth of our Savior with our entire family in Houston!

I don't know about you, but our 2016 was pretty awesome.
If you really had a horrible 2016, the I wish you nothing great blessings for the new year.
I pray that your 2017 is your silver lining year, and that your year is amazing.
If you had an amazing 2016 like us, I pray that your 2017 will top it!

Happy last day of 2016, everyone!
See y'all next year!

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  1. I really can't believe that 2016 is already over! Time flew by.


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