Sunday, January 22, 2017

Deep Within My Heart Lies a Melody...

"...A song of old San Antone..."
 -Patsy Cline

Apparently, we have a new President? lol. My timeline is filled with all sorts of politics, and as much as I have some strong opinions, I choose to keep that stuff to myself behind closed doors. You know the old saying, "keep politics and religion out of family dinner talk." Well my "Facebook family" happens to be some pretty diverse individuals, some of whom I strongly disagree with and some of whom I strongly agree with. However, I find it easier for my soul and my emotions to just "let it go". I'm sensitive, and I get "riled up" pretty easily.

On to more important things, I really want to blog about our family's mini vacay to San Antonio last weekend! School started back up this week for Nick and me, so I haven't had a chance to jump on the old blog and catch up! Our family had all these awesome plans to travel around Texas for the winter break, but our plans got screwed over when our entire family literally got sick at some point in time during the holidays. I was determined to make ONE trip happen, and on the very last weekend of our break, we booked a hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio and spent two days there. Two days was just perfect for our family, especially with Mattis. I think one more day may have sent Nick over the edge 😂😂. Bless his heart for being such a great dad and putting up with our crazy three year old, so that I could enjoy our trip a little more with Dannika. 

I couldn't wait to take my family and experience San Antonio with them. I have such great fond memories of my parents taking me there as a child, so it was really neat to go back there as an adult!
Enjoy the pics! If you're planning a quick trip to San Antonio anytime soon, I have some great recommendations for a short weekend!

Our nanny is from SA, so we asked her for a lot of recommendations before we left.
Her mom recommended the Westin on the Riverwalk, and so that's where we stayed!
It did not disappoint!
I've stayed at several Westin Hotels, and I have never been disappointed!
Here is my sweet girl at the hotel seeing the Riverwalk for the first time!

In front of the Riverwalk!
The Riverwalk a man made river in San Antonio lined by bars, shops, restaurants, nature, and public art.

And you can't go to San Antonio without eating AMAZING Mexican food. Mexican food ever....
We had lunch at Casa Rio.
Casa Rio (according to a tour guide) is the pioneer in Riverwalk dining in San Antonio.

We took the Riverwalk cruise around the river.
It's a tour lead by a knowledgeable guide on a river boat. 
The kids loved it! 

Next, we made a stop at the "Cowboy museum" or better known as its' official name, "The Briscoe Western Art Museum".

 A vintage Selena Barbie still in its' box!
If you don't know who Selena is, you are clearly not a true Texan.

The San Antonio Calligrapher's Guild was there making free bookmarks!
It was amazing to see the artistry of free hand calligraphy!

They even let Dannika give it a whirl!

The finished bookmark!
Completely freehanded!

Dannika in front of a display of Spurs...

And Saddles...

We snagged a room with a view of the Riverwalk!
The kids loved sitting out on the balcony and people watching.

We watched a very hard fought Cowboys game....
That caused me to drink....

For dinner, we chose to go to a restaurant recommended to us called Rosarios. 
It was hands down the best Mexican food I have ever had.
I started with a bloody mary...nice and spicy and made with Titos vodka, just how I like it.

I had Pozole and Mexican style Shrimp cocktail. was HEAVENLY.
Nick had their beef and shrimp fajitas and our kids and I split an enchilada plate with white cream sauce.
best Mexican food I've ever had. 

This is Nick and I on "Marriage Island".
According to its' website, Marriage Island holds "360 weddings a year, and the island is now the root ball of a cypress tree that was planted over 100 years ago."

On our last morning, we found a little cafe in "La Villita" (a small shopping district on the Riverwalk) called "Cafe Villita".
They had the most amazing breakfast tacos and pancakes ever.
I highly recommend their brisket taco and chorizo and egg taco.
Another cool thing, the owner of the cafe is an Aggie!
He spotted our family (and Nick's giant Aggie bling), and came to chat with us.
Super friendly!

We found a little shop next to the cafe that sells wax melts for warmers (like a Scentsy warmer).
You can create your own blends.
It smelled so good in there, and we walked out with three boxes of our very own customized blends.

Our last stop in San Antonio was, of course, the world famous Alamo!
The kids did not appreciate the beauty and history of it (because they were just too young), but it was still cool for Nick and me to see it.
I hadn't been there since I was a kid, and it's just as I remember it.

"Davy Crockett"

On our way home, we stopped at a snake farm and zoo right off the highway in New Braunfels. 
It was a HUGE hit for Mattis.

They have a small zoo behind the snake farm.
The zoo actually made me a little sad. 
The animals had barely any room to really run around and be free in 😕

We had such a blast for our two short days in San Antonio.
It was great to have one last "hoorah" before spring semester, and our family really had an amazing time. 
If y'all are ever planning a trip to San Antonio, definitely check out the restaurants I mentioned!


  1. We love that Snake Farm!

    And we love the riverwalk. We have yet to go to the Alamo since we moved here. Well, Natalie went on a field trip.

  2. Yes!!!! The snake farm is huge hit! My parents used to take me there as a kid! It's gotten a lot bigger since I was a kid!

  3. I love San Antonio! It is one of my favorite places. We spent a week there a few years back and it was such a great time. I would love to go back some day. Oh when the summer hits go to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels!! It's so fun!

  4. My brother is a C130 pilot and he was married amidst shipping back and forth to the middle east. I knew it wasn't ideal, but if there's a real bond there, it can only make the being together all the more enjoyable. I, myself, am the complete opposite. A writer who has never married, I still "got behind" your spirited optimism. Your husband is a lucky man, and you children look to have a great, caring Mom. Good luck with grad school!


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