Sunday, February 5, 2017

Daddy Daughter Dance

I love the idea of a "daddy/daughter" dance. I think it's sweet and endearing to see a little girl go out on a date with her father (or father figure). I am a traditionalist in some ways when it comes to that sorta thing, and I know it makes some feminists cringe. But I honestly love it.

I think Nick is the greatest man on earth (ok, I'm a little biased here). But I truly do believe that Nick is THE example of what a decent man should be. Afterall, I've been happily married to the guy for almost a decade now (wow a decade?!), and I have followed him to the depths of hell (snowy hell....ahem...Massachusetts....). If I got to choose a man for Dannika to one day marry, I'd choose a guy just like Nick, and if I could decide how Mattis turns out when he grows up, I would choose for him to become just like Nick. Of course, I don't get to actually pick who Dannika marries, nor do I get to decide how Mattis turns out, but I can have an influence in showing my children what a decent man Nick's example.

I love the daddy/daughter dance because Dannika gets to experience for herself what I experience when Nick takes me out. She gets a glimpse into how men should treat women. It's not about just how a man is supposed to treat her either. It's teaching her small lessons about how to treat others in general, and to expect to be treated the same...with dignity and respect. She gets to feel what a thoughtful gesture like flowers feel like...

I also sorta love the "fairytale-ness" of it all. We spent the entire day getting ready for her "date". From manicures to hair to jewelry...

As I helped her get ready, we got to chit chat while jamming out to Taylor Swift radio on Pandora. I explained to her that, I don't have to get all dressed up and fancy when I go out with daddy (he honestly wouldn't care). I choose to put some effort into myself when I go out with him, because I want him to know how much I appreciate the time we are going to get to spend together. It's my small way of outwardly showing him that I am genuinely excited (that, and I love a good reason to get dressed up and dolled up!) 

Like any true Aggie, he always finds a way to add a Gig 'em into a photo op!

True Marine brat...noticing the eagles on his buttons are flying upside down.
So naturally, she adjusts she has seen me do a hundred times to Nick on his uniform...

I saw some things floating around Facebook about how the daddy/daughter dance was unfair to single moms, or kids who don't have a father that is present in their lives. I don't get it though. My husband's father was absent most of his life, and is still absent to this day, and yet he can name off the top of his head, at least five different men that have been a mentor and father-like figure to him. In fact, Nick mentioned a lot of the girls had their grandfather's, uncles, and friends escort them. And for single moms, I'm in the same boat. I don't go to the daddy/daughter dance because I'm not a dad or a father figure. Maybe I just opened up a can of worms here, but then again, this is my blog. I write what I want...

Nick and Dannika had an absolute blast by the way. Nick described the evening as "high school prom all over again". Dannika ditched him to go dance with her friends on the dance floor, and he stood off the side watching with all the other "loser dads". I think I died laughing when he said that. When I picture it, however, I picture a proud father, standing on the sides watching his daughter have the time of her life with her friends. And this is why, I support daddy/daughter dances.

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  1. These photos are wonderful!!! :) What fun memories for them to have made.


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