Thursday, February 2, 2017

February and Politics

Here we are...February 2, and I haven't blogged since January 22nd. I told y'all once the semester starts, blogging would sporadic (at best). I have some really great classes, but just an "eh" schedule. I actually have a class WITH we sit next to each other every class. It's really a lot of fun! The professor is just a few years older than us, so when she makes references to 90's stuff (which she does quite often), I think Nick and I are the only ones laughing because we actually "get it".

We celebrated the Chinese New Year (the Year of the Rooster) with pizza and dumplings ordered from our favorite Chinese place in town. I have a Chinese aunt, and she always sends me a text on the Chinese New Year. As a kid, she used to give me money in these cool red and gold envelopes, but I guess since I'm a grown up now, she's expecting me to give money to my kids in red and gold envelopes?

Our Chinese New Year celebration turned a little sour towards the end. What had happened was.......I rarely talk about politics outside of my own home. I have had some life experiences (both in the Marine Corps and personally) that have altered my views on politics, and it rarely fits any "mold" (conservative? liberal? republican? democrat?). Being in Texas, a lot of the people here are extremely conservative and staunch Republicans. Which is fine. I used to consider myself that before life happened. Now I'm sorta all over the place. A good friend of ours that we hung out with that night is your typical "Texan" when it comes to politics. We agree on a lot, and disagree on a few. But the few things we disagree on, we really disagree on. Well, our discussion turned to politics, and some comments were made (none of which are important today) that really pushed my buttons and sent me over the edge. I'm usually pretty good about being calm, cool, and collected, but I lost it. Like screaming at the top of my lungs and scaring my children lost it. Not my proudest moment, but not ashamed of it either. I had to voice my opinion about some things that I was passionate about. When a man yells at me and belittles me (or makes me feel belittled I should say...he didn't belittle me), you're damn right I am going to make sure my voice is louder and heard. As a woman Marine, I constantly had to battle with "speaking time" against the men. I was always talked over, interrupted, etc. Not always intentionally, but this happens time and time again. So as a Marine, I learned how to "handle" men like that. Unfortunately, you can't "handle" civilian men like that....they're mindset is not the same as a military member. Anyway, to make this already long story short, I was apologized to, and we have moved on. Life is too short, and our friends are our friends...some of our best friends that I would trust with my life and my kids. I think the lesson that can be learned here is that people can be friends after a disagreement, and it took a lot of balls and humility for our friend to apologize to me. I respect that.

The next day, I had a glass of wine on our porch to just reflect on the past evening. I was upset that it came to that and upset that I lost my cool. Hindsight is 20/20 and there are so many other ways I coulda handled that.  The past is the past.

I can't promise y'all I'll be consistent with blogging, but I can promise that I'll be consistent on IG and FB! 
So if you follow me on there, you can keep up with my shenanigans!
Have a wonderful February, and stay positive friends!


  1. Like you said though sometimes it takes really getting upset to get your point across because some people just don't want to listen. I've had to do that before.

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