Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Trip to the Desert (pt 2)

If you're just catching up on our family's spring break vacation, you can read about the first part of our trip here. Like mentioned in the earlier post, we headed to a little suburb of Phoenix called Goodyear, AZ over spring break to see my best friend, her new house, and relax. I'll let the photos do all the talking.

This photo makes me laugh. The comment was made that Nick had a bright future as a "manny" if the Marine Corps ever doesn't work out for him.

Mattis was obsessed with the Pie Face game.

My little Aggie

I've been to many deserts in my lifetime (thanks to the Marine Corps).
I've been to deserts in the middle east, California, and Yuma, AZ...
But I must say, the scenery out here in Goodyear was probably one of the prettiest!

I love this tree!
They were everywhere (I forgot the name!)

More hiking photos...

I love these Saguaros!

I don't think a trip to Arizona is legit unless you get lots of cactus pics...

Another Saguaro.
Fun fact: It takes almst 75-80 years for a saguaro to start growing one little arm!

The sunsets were absolutely breathtaking!

 Nick always tries a local brew when we travel!

We had an absolute blast this Spring break! The gorgeous scenery, hiking, swimming...the wine...
Most importantly, I had to best time just chit chatting with my girlfriend, and getting our kids together to play! True friendship always endures the test of time and distance!

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to get together with friends! Goodyear really is a beautiful place.


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