Friday, March 3, 2017

It's Been Too Long!

I'm still alive, y'all! Wow, February kinda flew by. I barely remember it! Same old story here. School, kids, and Mama Club have been keeping the Romers pretty busy and my little corner of cyberspace has been severely neglected. I am constantly posting on Instagram and Facebook, so if you're my friend on there, you pretty much get the good parts of my life. We are ready for Spring Break, and ready for a little breather. But of course, in true college life fashion, I have to suffer through 3 mid terms next week first before I can be set free.

Here's a quick update on a life via my Instagram photos!

 I don't think this one made it on IG, but we were at Target, and Mattis was trying on hats.

This stud muffin got all dressed up to listen to the Commandant of the Marine Corps speak.

Because most of the time, they love each other.

And every kid wearing their parent's combat boots is the most adorable thing ever...

Mattis "Giggin' it" for Lopez. 
Although he didn't win the student election for yell leader, we were super proud of him for stepping up and representing the veterans.

We busted D outta school to take her to Lego Batman (terrible movie in my opinion).

We had a couple school lunch dates with this sweet girl...

Dannika at the 2nd grade expert fair!
She did a great job researching penguins!
Her favorite penguin is the chin strap penguin.

And these three BFF's aka 3 Musketeers in their cowgirl boots like every good Texas girl.

Life has been busy, but it's been fun. OH, AND I DECIDED TO APPLY FOR GRAD SCHOOL! More on that in another post. Maybe I'll take some time in between studying this weekend for midterms to blog about it! Have a great weekend, y'all!

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