Monday, June 12, 2017

Goodbye 2nd Grade

I'm way behind, and am playing catch up on my blog! Nick and I just got back last weekend from a fun little getaway to California for a wedding, and I had to dive into summer school as soon as we got home. I've had no time to do anything! I took my very last math class of my college career this month, and finished an 8 week course in a week! I finally feel like I can breathe a little...and blog! I'd figure I'd start with Dannika, and her last day of 2nd grade. This school year flew by, and it's crazy for me to think that I completed two semesters at A&M during this time. It's insane to me that I'll be graduating in 2 months! SERIOUSLY! WOW! 2nd grade was full of new surprises for us as parents, and definitely a lot more academic than Kindergarten and 1st! This is the first year she's had consistent homework every week. This is the first year we dealt with some "girl drama" (good lord!). She's grown practically 3 inches this year, and grew out of an entire wardrobe within the first three months of starting school. 2nd grade was a great year, and with all the amazing teachers that Dannika had, it's hard to imagine the outcome of this year being any different!

 So here she is on her first day of 2nd grade.
She wanted to be a teacher!

And here she is on her last day!
Can you tell how tall she's gotten?!
Also, she told me she wants to be a fashion designer.
I have no idea where that came from, since she has never mentioned it before!
I guess we shall see in the future what she becomes!

2nd grade was pretty awesome, but we are ready to enjoy the summer!!!

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  1. Aww how awesome! It's amazing how fast the time flies by.


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