Sunday, July 16, 2017

That Time a Stranger Spilled a Coke on Me in White Pants

I like my rather long and catchy title. I'll get into that story in a little bit. This blog post is actually about the 2nd wedding that Nick and I attended this summer. So much summer love! A Marine that I was on recruiting duty with recently got married, and Nick and I were honored to be invited to their wedding! Nick was asked to lead his sword arch (like he has done faithfully for all of our Marine friends' weddings). The wedding was in Pomona, California, an hour and a half east of LA. It was a short, quick getaway for Nick and I, and we were so excited to watch our dear friend marry the love of his life. The wedding was held at the Kellogg House. The Kellogg house is a mansion on Cal State Pomona's campus. It was originally owned by the Kellogg's cereal guy (hence the name of the venue)!  Here are some photos from our fun little trip, and, yes, the story about my white pants and a stranger spilling coke all over them is coming up...

Airport selfie at the bar!
One of our favorite things to do when we travel is to grab a drink before we board our flight.
For whatever reason, drinks taste better at the airport.

So here's the story:
Nick sat in the aisle, I sat in the middle, and this young man sat next to window on the plane.
We all ordered drinks, and the man next to me ordered a coke.
I watched him doze off with his coke in his hand, and for a moment, I thought...
"Huh...that would suck if he spills it on himself while he's asleep."
I glanced back over, and noticed that he had put his coke down on his tray table, had his arms crossed, and had fallen back asleep.
 I started reading my trashy tabloid magazine (like I always do on airplanes), when all of a sudden, the guy had a random reflex while asleep, and he knocked his coke off the tray table....ALL OVER ME AND MY WHITE PANTS!
I was furious. Livid. 
"Seriously, dude?! I'm wearing freaking white pants?!"
Then I glared at him.
He apologized profusely (which still didn't help the situation).
Luckily, I had my carry on in the overhead compartment, and went to the lavatory to change clothes.
The flight attendants gave me a can of seltzer water to soak my pants in.
So that's not the end of the story...
Once I got up to change, Nick looked at the guy and told him (in a completely non confrontational way), "dude, you need to be careful."
The guy took one look at Nick, and begged him not to hit him.
He actually said, "please don't hit me."
Seriously! 😂😂😂😂
I can't make this up!  
He offered to pay for my pants, to which Nick said no.
But either way, the rest of the flight was extremely uncomfortable....for that guy.
He avoided eye contact with us the entire flight.

Airplane selfie before taking off...because we're basic like that.
This was pre "coke all over my white pants" incident.

We stopped at this random fancy restaurant in Pico Rivera, CA on our way to Pomona to have a quick dinner.

My gracious parents watched our kids again for us.
I can always count on my super Korean mom to be hooking up my kids with great skincare.

Photos from the wedding and reception.

I love the expression of the pastor during the first kiss as husband and wife!

wedding cake!

This wedding was the last time Nick would wear his Enlisted dress blues!
Next time he wears blues, he'll be wearing the Officer blues.

I spent the majority of the evening dancing and partying it up with these two handsome men.
Preston (on the left) is the groom's brother, and Whitney (on the right) is his fiance. 
I met so many fun, friendly, and amazing people at this wedding!

The wedding was an absolute blast.
Congrats to our friend Thomas, and our new friend (and his new wife) Roxanne!
Thanks for letting us share your special day with y'all!


  1. "Please don't hit me" LOL!!!!! Glad y'all had a fun trip to Cali!

  2. Glad you had a good trip despite the incident on the plane.


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