Sunday, October 8, 2017

"They Call Him Flipper, Flipper..."

Anyone remember that show? Or am I dating myself? Our family got a private swim with dolphins on our vacation in Mexico! Before I got into that, I guess I should give y'all a "short" update on my life...

Nick left for Quantico two weeks ago, and I've been flying solo with the kids. I started a new job for a healthcare consulting company as a "contract specialist/administrative assistant to the Executive VP of operations/assistant to the chief financial officer/assistant to the accounting department/random stuff". lol. I'm basically an administrative assistant, but they've entrusted this girl with absolutely ZERO experience in the healthcare industry to write up proposals and contracts for their clients. I am finally getting settled in at work, and I feel like I am not pretending so much anymore as to what actually goes on there 😂. I now know terms like QAPI, ACHC, and CHAP. I'm used to acronyms since that's ALL the military uses, so I'm right in my element! If it weren't for my coworkers, I'd truly be lost. They have all patiently answered all my questions, walked me through contracts, and painstakingly watched me make mistakes and run reports. I love the company I work for, and I love my hours. I specifically requested to work part-time, since I knew Nick was leaving. I wanted to make sure that I could be as present as possible for my kids after school as a parent flying solo.

But of course, as a working mom, I don't have as much time or flexibility to help out at my kids' school. I'm not gonna lie, that kinda sucks because I LOVE being present at their school. BUT, I love working, and being around adults during the day. It's where I am most happy.

Other than that, life is good. I am busy! We have moments and days when we really miss Nick, but knowing that this is only temporary makes it easier. We are excited for our next adventure as a family. I have always dreamed of my kids growing up and traveling the world. My hopes for them are that they become more cultured, well rounded, and more aware of the world around them. We have our fingers crossed that we'll get a chance to live somewhere new again (hopefully overseas this time!), and continue this adventure of a life we have been blessed with.

So now to our dolphin adventure!!! Our kids had their hearts set on swimming with dolphins when they found out we would be vacationing in Mexico. Nick and I decided to splurge and get a private encounter for a full hour...just the Romers and a 4 dolphins! It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Family photo before entering the cove!

We each got a shot at letting two dolphins push us up and above the water by pushing on our feet!
The most important thing was that we needed to keep our leg's locked out, otherwise, we'd nose dive into the water.
The staff was reluctant to let Mattis try it because he was so young, but we convinced them that he could do it.
He had his heart set on it, and he ROCKED it!
He got a standing ovation from everyone that was there watching!

Always "gigging"!

Being in the water with these creatures was mesmerizing. 
They can sense when you're nervous, and your heart starts to race through echolocation!

They even got my 200lbs husband out of the water! 
They photographer didn't get a great shot of Nick, but he got all the way up and gave everyone a big "Gig 'em!".

This was truly an amazing experience for our family, and one that we will never forget. We are looking forward to vacationing somewhere new in the near future, and giving our children these types of memorable experiences. I highly recommend vacationing in XCaret! It is only an hour outside of Cancun, but the the nature preserve and the beaches there are absolutely amazing!


  1. How fun! What an awesome thing to do as a family!

  2. Mattis is such a champ! I was soooo scared to do our dolphin swim on our honeymoon while Andy was thrilled. I told him that next time we go on a tropical vacation, I want to do horseback riding on the beach!


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