Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Stros, Halloween, and Personal Thoughts.

Work has kept me busy lately. Not just work. Work, kids, volunteer work, and life. And I wouldn't trade it for the world. Over the last 5 years since getting out of a 10 year career, I have learned that I am my "best" self as a working woman. I crave and need purpose outside of raising kids and being a "Marine wife"..and I like working OUTSIDE of my home.

Recently, an acquaintance whom I met through blogging told me they were moving near us. Outside of an occasional FB or IG "like", we had never had a true relationship or conversation. This person always sends our family a Christmas card every year, which made me feel obligated to send one back. We met in person... one time years ago, and that was it. For those who know me...y'all know how much I value a friendship or an acquaintance. Acquaintances are people I friend on social media because I like them. Friends are people that I actually keep in contact with outside of social media...I love them...and cherish them.....and even invest in a plane ticket to go visit every once in a while. Military life has really taught me the difference between friends and acquaintances. I value my acquaintances, because something connected us together albeit high school, boot camp, Marine Corps life.

This person recently contacted me to tell me they were moving in this area because of a job, and told me how glad they were they were moving somewhere they knew someone, and wanted a referral for a realtor. It totally caught me off guard. "Wow, I've barely spoken to you, and NOW you're contacting me... I barely know you outside of social media...". I referred them to a realtor that we love and trust, and left it at that. Then, I was asked if they could use me as an emergency contact for their kids in school. No.

Do not put that responsibility on me. Yeah...the EC never gets used...but in the case that it does...I don't want to be it. I don't know you or your family...I don't know your kids except the ONE time I met them FIVE years ago...and I haven't spoken to you on the phone since the ONE time we met in person. Its awkward.

I feel bad...but I am totally weirded out....

One friend told me I was overreacting...
My other 3 BFFs told me, "that's weird".



Halloween here was rainy...
It didn't stop us from trick or treating though!
Mattis chose to be Batman.
He actually originally chose to be the scary "Heath Ledger Joker".
I told him "NO!", so we compromised on the Dark Knight.
D surprised me, and chose to be Rey from Star Wars!
She has seen Star Wars with Nick.
I've never seen a single Star Wars episode, and fell asleep through the only one I "saw" in theaters with Nick.
So, when she told me she wanted to be Rey, I had to do some research.
It ended up being one of my most favorite costumes!

Fall has been SO busy for us! Between work, the kids' school and activities, volunteer work, and life, I've truly haven't had much down time to think about anything else! Nick is kicking butt! He just qualified on the range as an expert in both pistol and rifle on the range!! whoop~!

I don't have much time to blog like I used to, but I take that as a blessing. Busy is good!

And GIG 'EM!

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  1. I love the costumes!

    And yeah, I wouldn't feel comfortable being an EC for someone I didn't know well. You just never know if you'll be calling in for something.


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