Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Because Every Marine Wife Deserves to Have a Breakdown

Mattis is sick. I worked from home today...AGAIN. I swear my boss probably thinks I am lying. I actually feel that I need to take photos of my son's puke, of him at the doctor, and of me sitting in the drive-thru pharmacy so I can show photo proof that my son really is sick.

My son has strep for the second time in 2 1/2 weeks. My daughter had it twice in 4 weeks between January and December. I'm over it. This mama is OVER IT. "They" keep telling me, "oh, this flu and strep season is BAD."

Yes. I know.

Everyone is sick. Everyone has the flu (some even twice). Everyone has strep.

This past weekend was a rough weekend in the Romer household. The kids' behavior, solo parenting, and just life caught up to me. Up to this point, I've been pretty good at juggling the demands of work, parenting, and self-care. I have it down to a science. But let's get real here...ALL military wives can agree with me when I say...there comes a point in every deployment or separation when a good break down is needed/expected. I've held it together like a pro since September when Nick left. I was due, and when it happened, it felt great. We are going on month 6 of being separated. I had my good cry and my breakdown Sunday night, and woke up Monday, ready for a new week.

Then Mattis got sick...again.

Murphy's law of military wife life, right? It's a real thing, y'all.

I'm not writing this for pity. In fact, there are lots of people going through way worse than me. I'm writing this, because it's OK to have a break down, and a good cry. It's being human.

So here I am, on a Tuesday afternoon. There is so much for me to be grateful for. I am grateful for a boss who allows me to have flexible hours and work from home. I am grateful for an amazing service we have here in our town where a physician makes house calls called MyDoc. I am grateful to be a mom to two healthy kids (who may or may not drive me absolutely up the wall at times). I am grateful for a husband who has one of the most honorable jobs in the world. Lots to be grateful for...

Dr. Richards is a local physician who started a business making house calls.
For the price of basically a copay, he comes to your house to diagnose and treat illnesses.
It's a Godsend.

This handsome guy has been working his butt off in TBS.
Long nights, long weeks...
Grateful for such a hardworking man.

Sweet Princess Dannika
She is so patient and so kind.
Lately, she has been driving me up the wall with her "forgetfulness".
I've been a little hard on her, but only because I know she is better.

Life is good, y'all.