Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Summer 2018 Recap

It's been good to get back to blogging. Several months ago, I changed the name of my blog (well just the domain) with plans to redo everything. Obviously, that has not happened yet. My header still has my old blog name on it, and a lot of the links on my blog no longer work. I'll get around to it.

I looked at transferring my blog to wordpress, but there is a possibility of me losing some content in that process. I have had this little blog of mine since 2009! That's nearly a decade of me rambling on about everything from my life as an active duty Marine, wife of a deployed Marine, giving birth (both times), and all the ups and downs of military life. I can't possibility bear to think of losing ANY of my content on my little piece of the web.

So, I'm thinking of keeping my blogger blog up, and just starting new posts on wordpress. I'll keep the link to this one up on the new site, so if you want to look back at the last 10 years of my life, you can (if you really care). Again, I don't see this happening anytime soon. Maybe after we move to Yuma and get settled in.

I figured since I have not blogged in several months, I'll just give y'all some quick updates on my life through photos. If you follow me on Instagram (@semperag_blog), you can pretty much skip this post. I post a lot of life on there!

Nick graduated from the Marine Corps' "The Basic School" in May, and we got to have him home for a solid month!

For those who don't know, our family has been separated since September of last year, so an entire month with Nick home was so needed!

He is currently in Jacksonville, NC in ground supply Officer's school learning how to be...well...a ground supply Officer! He'll be there until September 13 when he graduates, and will return to Texas to help prepare our family's move to Yuma.

Dannika attended "Kanakuk Kamp Out" in June!
Kanakuk is a Christian summer camp based in Missouri!
They have a "traveling" camp where they bring a little taste of camp to local communities across the country.
She had an absolute blast!

D headed to VBS at Christ United Methodist the week after Kanakuk

We have had lots of pool dates at our neighborhood pool!

Dannika made the Bronze team at gymnastics, and Mattis moved up the the advanced preschool class!

We put our house on the market, and went into escrow in just 2 weeks 

Our friend Emilee who is currently in flight school in Corpus Christi flew herself to College Station to see us!
The kids got to see inside the plane she flew in!

Nick came home to see us for 4th of July!

Dannika turned 9!
I can't believe it. We moved to CS when she was only 5 and had barely started Kindergarten. 
Just a reminder to cherish the moments, because time is finite!

Dannika did College Station High School's "Strutter Kick Start Camp".
The Strutters are one of our local high school's drill team.
They hold a fun camp every summer where they teach young girls a few dances, do fun arts and crafts, and play games.

It's hard to believe that Summer is already over, and school will be starting in just a few short weeks. I know our move to Arizona is going to creep up on us. I'm anxious to move and have our family back together again. By the time Nick graduates from supply Officers' school, we will have officially been living apart for an entire year. I can't say that it's been the easiest year, but I am happy with our decision to stay in Texas while Nick completes training. But like I've mentioned before, this is "normal" for military life, and just one of the many small sacrifices families make for the well being of their families. 

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