Monday, January 21, 2019

What Happens When You Make Fun of Tom Brady on Facebook

Apparently there were some pretty big NFL games on TV yesterday. I am a pretty big football fan (mostly college), but I do follow the Dallas Cowboys pretty loosely every season. This season, I didn't watch nearly as much NFL football as I normally do. I think it's because I am once again sharing a house with my husband after a year apart. He has no allegiance to any NFL team. He's from Alabama, so they're either Roll Tide or War Eagle down there...basically, the NFL doesn't really exist if you're from Alabama.

Anyway, as any football fan, I have my handful of opinions on certain teams. I do the occasional smack talking on social media, and most of the time it's pretty light hearted. I also have a handful of acquaintances that I know can handle some ruthless, "below the belt" punches in regards to their respective teams. (*Side note*: most of them happen to be Marines).

So those who really know me well can tell you which NFL team I hate the most. If you don't really know me, I'll just fill you in right now...

I hate the Patriots and I dislike Tom Brady. 

People (New England fans) like to chime in and claim that my hatred for the organization is because I am a hater and secretly jealous of all their SB appearances/wins. Let me just set the record straight here. Am I a little envious of all their SB appearances and wins in the last decade? Who isn't? But that's really not the reason. In the 2 1/2 years that we lived in New England, I have never experienced a more rude fanbase than the Patriots'. I was literally afraid to wear my Cowboys baseball cap in public there after a stranger said an extremely rude comment to me at a Target. I dislike Tom Brady, because I think he is dishonest. I also think that he is a sore loser. He only shows good sportsmanship when his team wins. Those are just a few of my reasons for not liking the entire organization as a whole. But isn't that what makes sports fun? We all have strong allegiances to our teams, and we can poke fun at each other. This ain't politics, people....its freaking football.

So last night, after watching highlights and seeing some HORRIBLE calls by refs in both games, I really felt like the Chiefs (and DEFINITELY the Saints) were robbed. BY THE WAY...NOT A CHIEFS OR SAINTS FAN EITHER. As I scrolled through Facebook, I saw that a lot of my friends were not happy with the refs in both games. People who have no allegiance to any of the teams were talking about how unfair the outcome of the game was. I used this as a chance to just talk a little smack about Tom Brady (knowing full well that it would get a rise out of a few Pats fans).

 "Tom Brady kisses his grown son on the mouth...for longer than 5 seconds. Google it."

It was supposed to be funny, and people who know me well have seen my jabs at good ole Tom in the past. I woke up this morning not even thinking of my little "Tom Brady" hater post on my facebook, but apparently, it offended a few people. I was called "salty" by several people, and what really got me was being called a "parent shamer". This "Tom Brady kiss" was an internet sensation. Everyone had an opinion on it. I mean, I watched the clip, and it was an uncomfortably long kiss to watch (for me). However, my intent was not to parent shame anyone. I kiss my kids on the mouth. I was "Tom Brady" shaming. Google "Tom Brady kisses son", and you will see a plethora of articles about this "controversial" kiss. 

Hey Tom, if you're reading, you go on with your bad self and kiss your babies grown children for as long as you want. I was just making fun of you because everyone else does. 

I'm sure people roll their eyes and judge my parenting on a daily basis. Heck, I judge my parenting on a daily basis. I am also not "holier than thou", and judge other people. It is human nature to do so. I do try and make a conscious effort not to, but if I'm being completely open and transparent, I judge the heck out of other parents some most days. Some of it comes from my own insecurities as a mother, and some of it comes from envy. I'm human. I guess this is where my faith plays a big role in how I view others, judge others, and most importantly how God views ME. 

Maybe there was a little "parent shaming" going on in there. It was definitely not my intent. I still dislike Tom Brady, the Patriots, and the Patriots fans that continuously feel the need to say really nasty and rude things to people who do not share in their love of their team. I also am friends with many people who are die hard Patriots fans whom I love, and do not fall into that category with the fan base I mentioned earlier. Chill out people. It was a facebook post. 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Just a Quick Separation

Our family got a whole 3 1/2 months together as a family before the Marine Corps decided "enough family time for y'all". Nick left today for a training exercise in 29 Palms (up in the desert of Cali) for about 6 weeks. But, I'm always a "silver lining" type of girl, and 3 1/2 months together as a family is the longest that we have all been together under one roof in over a year! I am grateful for that! For those who are new to my blog, Nick is an active duty Marine. Up until last October, our family lived apart from him for a year while he completed various schools and training on the east coast. 

No matter how many times we do this though, it still sucks. But here's the funny thing, it doesn't suck the day he leaves. It sucks the day before he leaves. I think it's the anticipation leading up to "the big departure" that makes it suck so bad. We are all trying to squeeze in as much quality time as possible right up until the very last minute, and it can be emotionally taxing. I actually hate it when Nick lingers around the house the day he is supposed to leave. I'm like, "just leave already!". 

These days, with iPhones and social media, separations are a lot easier than just 10 years ago. It was 2010 when Nick went on his first deployment to Afghanistan away from 6 month old Dannika and me. Even then, smart phones weren't really a thing (I think I had a Blackberry???), and the Skype connection was sketchy at best. I am grateful that we have more effective ways of communicating today. 

I am a big girl, and gone are the days of me crying myself to sleep in my pillow the day Nick leaves for anything Marine Corps related (yes, I used to do that). I think after being married to him for 10 1/2 years, I have just become a "seasoned" military spouse, and have gotten used to doing things alone without my partner. I actually look forward to the quiet evenings alone. I am 10 times more productive when Nick is gone, so I look forward to checking things off my list and getting into a good routine. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't suck for my kids...especially my youngest. Today, Mattis celebrated Martin Luther King Jr's birthday at his school. Each kid made little hats with their very own "I have a dream" statement. Mattis' said, 

"I have a dream to have my family live together." 

I cried. A boy needs his father, and this sentiment has never been more apparent to me than in this past year trying to raise Mattis without Nick. To all the single moms raising little boys, I raise my glass to you. It's hard. 

I always say that Nick's wife is the Marine Corps, and I am his mistress. I wonder if his wife is mad that he is paying his mistress' bills, and paying her child support 😆. Gotta keep a sense of humor in this oftentimes uncertain life. 

And I always send Nick a selfie the day he leaves so he doesn't forget the "snack" he has at home 😂

Mattis and I just returned from a wedding in San Antonio last weekend, so I'll be blogging about that soon! Y'all can always follow me in IG: @SemperAg_blog . I post the most random things.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

A New Orleans Wedding (pt 3...the final day)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Our family just returned from a short getaway to Goodyear, AZ to visit some dear friends of 10 years of ours to ring in 2019. We have been settling in back home, and getting ready to get back into the "school routine". I hope everyone's 2019 is amazing! I am definitely looking forward to a new year here in Arizona!

Finally! Here is the blog post everyone has been waiting for...the actual wedding!!!! Our family got so busy over the holidays, so I didn't get a chance to jump online to blog about my cousin Mark and his WIFE, Lisa's actual wedding day. 

Their wedding was absolutely stunning. It was a formal wedding, and not a single detail was left out. Their wedding ceremony was held at "The Cabildo" in Jackson Square. It was an absolutely breathtaking Spanish Colonial building right next to St. Louis Cathedral. It is a museum by day for local tourists where you can see all kinds of artifacts from old New Orleans, and learn about the history of the town as well. 

The prettiest flower girl I ever did see...

And have you ever seen a ring bearer this cool in your life?!
I think not.

I LOVED my dress...

All the cousins (minus baby Zoe)
Dang...I have a good-looking family.

The groom and the ring bearer!

I call this photo...
"the Matriarch and Her Cubs"

These are the only photos I got of the venue, and they don't do it any justice.
They had kindly asked no one take photos with cell phones during the ceremony, so we are all patiently waiting for the professional photos!
I loved that no one had their cell phones out during the wedding. 
As a guest, I enjoyed being able to watch the ceremony without someone in front of me annoyingly trying to take a cell phone photo, blocking my view.
Everyone got to just enjoy the wedding.

Here are my parents with Nick and me!
It was so nice to see Nick at a formal event in something other than his dress blues.
Look...I LOVE him in his dress blues (because he looks sexy af in them...), but man...he really cleans up nice in a tux too.

 Me and my babe.

The reception was held at "Capulet by the Water". It is a restaurant on the week days, and they host banquets and wedding receptions on the weekends! It is an 1800's warehouse that has been restored to a cool eclectic space. They had an amazing live band, and the appetizers and food was delicious! It was such a neat place, and we really enjoyed everything about it!

The ring bearers and flower girls!
They were so fancy.

Best uncle ever.
Nick asking my niece Lulu to dance.

Cause no trip to the bathroom with a bunch of girls is complete without a bathroom mirror selfie.
These are my gorgeous cousins (in high school) and old me.

My mama and her first son-in-law

Nick dancing with my oldest niece, Lyla.

I'm pretty sure this was the best part of the reception...
An actual ice sculpture of my cousin Mark!!!!
(Note, his body is actually not this disproportionate)
This was a surprise for him from his wife.
It was actually a luge. You could alcohol from his head, and it came out of the bottle of liquor carved into his hand. 
It was great.

We haven't seen too many of the professional photos yet. Once I get a couple, I'll post them!